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As per Thaksin, the political parties will easily win the election

On Tuesday of this week, the interview was broadcast on “Care Talk” on the Clubhouse app. Speaking online from his home in Dubai, Thaksin was in Thailand. The conversation reflects the current legislative topic regarding MPs from party lists. Party list MPs are elected to the House of Representatives by a proportional system rather than by winning their district or province. Every political poll has revealed that the current Palang Pracharat government, led by Prayut Chan-o-cha, has significantly lost support over the past two years and would lose an election to the opposition parties. Former Thai prime minister and wanted man Thaksin Shinawatra stated this week that the opposition parties, or what he called the “pro-democracy” parties, would win. and triumph by a clear majority. The Thai PM has said he supports a proposal to multiply the number of votes available by 500 instead of 100, which was previously supported by the majority of MPs, and the government whip has decided that there will be a free conscience vote on the issue. According to logic, the primary beneficiaries of the new approach for choosing party list MPs are small parties. On the Clubhouse interview, Thaksin predicted that the pre-democracy parties would take home 300 of the 500 seats up for grabs in the upcoming parliament, with Pheu Thai and the Move Forward Party serving as the two primary contenders. The new calculation approach, however, worries several senators and government lawmakers who believe it may favor the opposition parties. The current party list system resulted in many small parties winning seats in the current parliament, forcing the larger parties to create coalitions with the individual seat MPs in order to build majorities. One thing is certain: the pro-democracy parties will probably win with an absolute majority in the upcoming elections, regardless of what the incumbent government chooses to try to change the potential outcome. In order to get the support of the smaller parties and independent MPs in a potential future parliament, the prime minister is regarded as supporting the most recent party list calculation. There are 17 different parties in the coalition currently in power, which is led by the Palang Pracharat. The Democratic Front (pro-democracy parties) will win at least 300 seats, so they can use whatever tactics they like. However, some claim that the incumbent PM’s increased public appearances and campaigning has already begun. Thaksin made reference to the lessons discovered during the Bangkok governor election, in which Palang Pracharat only garnered two of the 50 district seats up for grabs. The election for the new governor of Bangkok, Chadchart Sittipun, a former Pheu Thai member who ran as an independent, was won by a landslide. According to Thaksin, Prayut is currently using the minor parties to build a stronger support base for a coalition after the next election. The following general election will take place before March of 2023 or later this year.

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