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Bangkok Tragedy: Rajman Yabav’s Fatal Love Story Ends in Sukanya Dissayabut’s Death

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In the vibrant city of Bangkok, a tale of love, betrayal, and tragedy unfolded within the walls of a nondescript hotel, painting a grim picture of a romance gone awry. The central figure of this chilling drama is Rajman Yabav, a 32-year-old Indian national, whose love story turned into a nightmare in the busy lanes of Soi Wutthakat in Thon Buri district. The scene of this heartbreaking saga switches to Kanchanaburi, a province caught between the shackles of tradition and the whispers of the border it shares with Myanmar, where the climax of this tale reached its peak with the arrest of Yabav as he allegedly attempted to vanish into the shadows of another country.

The catalyst of this sorrowful tale was Sukanya Dissayabut, a 51-year-old Thai woman, whose life was mercilessly snuffed out, leaving behind a canvas of questions and a grieving son who stood at the precipice of his shattered world. The hotel, which had once been a sanctuary for Sukanya as she navigated through her days, became her final resting place as she succumbed to multiple stab wounds, with her passing marked by the stark silence of a mobile phone that had run its course.

The plot thickens as snippets of the couple’s last days come to light through the eyes of a vigilant hotel receptionist. The hotel, a silent witness to their tumultuous relationship, harbored their secrets within its walls. Sukanya, a woman caught in the twilight of her life, sought the comfort of its rooms, her presence marked by daily sojourns, while Yabav, the man in question, remained cloaked in the shadows of the room they shared. The air in the hotel crackled with tension, the receptionist becoming an unwitting guardian to their story, as muffled arguments pierced the serenity of the hotel’s corridors.

The unraveling of this tragic love story saw law enforcement stepping into a room that echoed with the remnants of heated exchanges and unspoken words, where Sukanya’s belongings lay untouched, a mute testimony to the events that transpired. The narrative took a darker turn as Deputy Commander Pol Col Damrongsak Sangangam of the Metropolitan Police Division 8 recounted Yabav’s capture and subsequent transfer to Bangkok, where the echoes of premeditated murder began to resonate, painting a sinister overtone to his arrest.

In a twist of fate, Yabav’s journey to escape was marred by his own physical scars that led him to seek solace in the healing hands of a hospital in Tha Maka district, only to find his freedom snatched away at a checkpoint, the gateway that almost led to his disappearance. The layers of their relationship unfolded as the narrative revealed a financial discord simmering between them, a debt that became the harbinger of heated arguments and, ultimately, a tragic end. Yabav’s confession, a mixture of rage and desperation, shed light on the dark corridors of human emotions and the lengths one would go when pushed into a corner.

This story weaves through the complexities of human relationships, a tapestry of love, anger, and the devastating consequences of actions taken in the heat of the moment. It is a reminder of the fragility of life and the shadows that lurk behind closed doors. As Sukanya’s son, Komin, grapples with the reality of his mother’s untimely demise and the revelation of her relationship with Yabav, we are left to ponder on the unknowable mysteries of the human heart and the unpredictable roads it leads us down.

A tragic tale, indeed, but one that captivates and serves as a stark reminder of the razor’s edge on which the human condition balances, ever so precariously, between love and loss.


  1. AnnaM April 17, 2024

    Absolutely heart-wrenching. How can love turn so dark and deadly? This story is a chilling reminder that we never really know what goes on behind closed doors.

    • RajivS April 17, 2024

      It’s tragic, but let’s not generalize love based on one dark incident. Love is beautiful, and while this is a terrible event, it’s not the norm.

      • AnnaM April 17, 2024

        You have a point, RajivS. It’s just hard to see anything positive when such horrific incidents happen. It makes you question the nature of human emotions.

    • TruthSeeker99 April 17, 2024

      But isn’t it important to talk about these stories? They shed light on the darker aspects of relationships and maybe can serve as warnings.

  2. BangkokLocal April 17, 2024

    Saw this news locally. Beyond sad for both the family and the community. It’s a reflection of deeper issues at play within society.

    • Skeptical April 17, 2024

      Are you implying that society is to blame for what happened? I think it’s more about personal responsibility than societal issues.

    • EmpathicSoul April 17, 2024

      Society shapes behaviors and values. While personal responsibility is crucial, societal pressures and norms can play a significant role in personal actions.

  3. HumanRightsAdvocate April 17, 2024

    This story highlights the need for better protection and resources for victims and potential victims. We need more focus on early intervention and education.

    • RealistRaj April 17, 2024

      While I agree with the sentiment, the practical application of such measures can be challenging. Identifying potential victims before anything happens is nearly impossible.

  4. Felix_the_Cat April 17, 2024

    Every time I read stories like this, it reminds me how thin the line is between love and hate. It’s terrifying to think how fast things can turn.

    • PeaceLover April 18, 2024

      True, Felix_the_Cat. And it makes one wonder about the dynamics of their relationships. What signs we might be missing in our own or others’ relationships.

    • DevilsAdvocate April 18, 2024

      But not every relationship that has arguments is doomed to end in tragedy. It’s important to differentiate between common disagreements and actual warning signs of deeper troubles.

  5. CultureCritic April 18, 2024

    It’s a tragedy that should prompt a deeper look into cultural and societal expectations around relationships. There’s a lesson to be learned in terms of relationship dynamics and cultural pressures.

  6. Storyteller April 18, 2024

    Aside from the tragedy, this article is written very poetically. It captures the essence of the story in such a detailed manner, bringing out the emotional depth of the narrative.

    • JaneDoe April 18, 2024

      I noticed that too! While the content is extremely sad, the way it’s written really draws you in. It’s a powerful example of storytelling.

  7. Optimist April 18, 2024

    Such tragic events make me think about the importance of love, understanding, and patience in a relationship. We must cherish our loved ones and never take them for granted.

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