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Bangkok’s Crimson MG Mystery: Indian Duo’s Gruesome Crime Exposed

Tucked away at the Tha Kham police station in the bustling district of Bang Khunthian, a crimson MG car hoarding dark secrets under its polished exterior awaited the prying eyes of the law. The vehicle, once driven by an Indian man embroiled in a grisly crime that sent shivers through the streets of Bangkok, held clues to a puzzling mystery: the disappearance of a hopeful Myanmar job seeker.

In the shadow of suspicion, officers unhinged the trunk of the automotive enigma, revealing a macabre assortment of items: a box meant to cradle a brutal instrument of dissection – a circular saw, alongside an unopened cache of sinister black plastic bags lying dormant on the backseat. A can of oil, perhaps a silent witness to the alleged deeds, lurked in the vehicle’s recesses.

Like a scene drawn from the most enthralling of crime novels, the red MG, which bore the plates of Bangkok’s hustle and buzz, initially lay dormant in a nondescript car park on Soi Chula 5, in the heart of Pathumwan district – a sleeping beast that held a bone-chilling secret within its belly.

The car’s ignominious journey had commenced at the hands of two Indian nationals: the 23-year-old Sundaravel Pragadeesh Kumar, a man who donned the guise of job placement agent by day, and his compatriot, the 26-year-old Gunalan Deivasigamani. As fate’s twisted hand would have it, the car rental agreement bore Sundaravel’s name – as if to mock the very profession that sought to engender hope and opportunities.

Digging deeper into the lives the accused once lived led to a cold commercial building, veiled as a job placement agency, at the address 522 on the so-called Soi Sakae Ngam 35/3 Road. Within its walls, it is believed that a 35-year-old man from Myanmar, A Say Kai, met his gruesome fate – his body meticulously sectioned into six parts, chillingly stored in a freezer that hummed with indifference.

The grim discovery of A Say Kai’s remains was not borne of detective work alone but by returning job seekers, who, having ventured forth from the agency with hope on January 14th, found more than they bargained for upon their return.

The plot thickened beyond the gruesome tableau at the agency, as police uncovered footage of the suspects purchasing a freezer on January 19th at a store in Bang Bon district. They shuffled the grim artifact into the building just as the evening sky darkened, sealing A Say Kai’s fate. Time-stamped proof of their movements begged the question: what transpired within those walls in the hours that followed?

Now, as the red MG stood silent before investigators, its contents whispered tales of grim preparations and a hasty departure. The suspects had fled the realm of Thailand, seeking sanctuary back in their homeland of India. Yet, the specter of justice is far-reaching, and the Thai authorities stand resolute in their belief that their Indian counterparts will apprehend the fugitives, ensuring that they face the music for the horror that unfolded.

The red MG, which was but an unassuming participant in the urban tapestry of Bangkok, has transformed from chameleon to harbinger of truth as it divulged its final, fearful evidence to those who seek to serve justice, and to a world that watches, waits, and breathes a little easier knowing that the chapters of this harrowing tale edge closer to closure.

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