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Bangkok’s most famous horrible museum

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The Siriraj Medical Museum contains a collection of dangerous artifacts and displays of every conceivable kind. If you get a kick out of seeing skeletons, deformed people, and accident victims, this is the type of place you will want to visit while at the Big Mango. Since Siriraj is regarded as one of the best and most renowned hospitals in Bangkok (the Royal family has an entire floor reserved there), it is regarded as one of the best educational institutions for medical professors seeking to advance their knowledge.

In addition to whole corpses, body parts, and bones, there are embryos and fetuses of various sizes on display. The cross-section of a human head can make your stomach turn, but the section of the museum devoted to bones is fascinating to study. This section is extremely instructive, covering a vast array of topics, from specific bone types to in-depth explanations of how the injuries occurred. Bangkok’s museum is a one-of-a-kind attraction that you will remember for the rest of your life. The museum tour only takes thirty minutes and costs forty baht. However, if you have a weak stomach or don’t do well while viewing the numerous horrible ways in which a person’s life could end, you are advised not to enter the exhibit. Despite the macabre exhibits housed in the museum, entering Siriraj Hospital is almost identical to being a witness to a significant historical event that occurred in Bangkok. Even if you skip the excellent museum housed within the renowned hospital, the building itself is well worth a visit. The museum is located within the medical center, and all visitors are admitted free of charge. The museum has the potential to educate visitors, but only if they are able to overcome their aversion to confronting examples of medical abnormalities. The 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, also known as the Tsunami, and cadavers preserved in glass jars are examples of such circumstances. Bangkok’s most infamous macabre museum is an establishment that visitors to the city might not consider visiting.

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