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Believe It or Not: Thai Restaurant Offers Insane Salary for Bizarre Job Qualifications!

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The acclaimed Thai restaurant, Xin Rong, has recently broadcasted an array of job openings, promising an enticing salary bracket of 70,000 to 90,000 baht. This enticing range has whenever caught the eye of job seekers far and wide–the roles at hand: customer service representatives, clean-up crew, and the esteemed kitchen staff. The acclaim this announcement has accrued is quintessentially illustrated by the fervor it’s aroused across several social media channels.

However, this attention doesn’t stem from the luxurious salary alone. Job seekers were quick to notice the peculiar list of qualifications that the restaurant has appended to its announcement. Xin Rong brings forth an unconventional yet intriguing requirement: aspirants should naturally possess single eyelids.

Furthermore, the restaurant stipulates that potential employees should be armed with a bachelor’s degree at the very least. But not just any degree—the education should be within the fields of hot pot medicine, stove arts, or an equivalent discipline.

“If you’re able to dazzle us with deft vegetable slicing techniques as a lefty, alongside masterful pork-slicing skills right-handed, then you are our ideal candidate”, thus read the unconventional job posting. The advert goes on to state, “extra brownie points for those who possess employment history within the Ming or Tang dynasties, or legendary wanderers who have ambled along the entire stretch of the Great Wall of China.”

Internet surfers were quick to swarm the post, expressing their skepticism and theories. Some conceded that the lofty salary is only justifiable, given the bizarre qualifications it demanded. Yet, others argued whether the absurd notes were merely a stunt aimed at stirring social media buzz or if the restaurant was genuinely seeking such eccentric skills.

Subsequently, Xin Rong confirmed the authenticity of these viral advertisements to a renowned news platform. In their message, the restaurant assured that they would honor every application fitting their criteria and who successfully pass the interview.

In their proclamation, they detailed the top-tier talent they are scouting. They asserted their interest in motivated and proficient individuals, and this unconventional move has not only provoked debates but also managed to transform the restaurant advert into an internet sensation.

This isn’t the first instance of such an eccentric announcement raising brows in China. Back in May, a local man stirred controversial discussions when he unveiled highly stringent prerequisites for his potential life partner. This Shenzhen resident’s explicit and exacting demands provoked intense debates on gender norms and the ethics in matchmaking.

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