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Birthday Bash Turns Bloodbath: Stunning Investigation Uncovers Shocking Motive Behind High-Ranking Officer’s Assassination!

On a fateful evening of September 6, amid the merrymaking of a birthday party, a distressing incident occurred that would electrify the entire nation. The life of a respected highway police officer, Pol Major Siwakorn Saibua, was claimed suddenly and unexpectedly.

The motive behind this most shocking of crimes seems to be rooted in a disagreement over a professional advancement. As recounted by onlookers present at the scene, Thananchai Manmak, purportedly a loyal follower of Praween, and an assumed accomplice, notoriously advanced towards the festivity table, took aim, and mercilessly fired at Siwakorn.

Drawing attention due to his habitual indulgence in social events, Praween is a character well known among the circles of notable police figures, influential governmental delegates, and the local glitterati. His business expertise is not unknown, with bids represented in manifold governmental projects.

Falling into the hands of the law, Praween turned himself in on September 7 and found himself incarcerated by September 9.

His potential release on bail faced rigorous resistance by the investigating team, courtesy of his imposing nine-year tenure as a ‘kamnan’ or sub-district leader. This position authorized him to school over arrests, lead investigations within his jurisdiction, and allowed him to foster steadfast alliances with various police officers across an array of territories.

Prominent figures like him are often accused of unscrupulous tactics to amass wealth. Such tactics fall into 16 categories, each as questionable or even illegal as the other:

1. Providing unofficial loans.

2. Manipulating bids for government projects.

3. Extorting transport operators with bribes.

4. Exploitation of business entrepreneurs.

5. Underhanded smuggling to dodge taxes.

6. Operating clandestine gambling dens.

7. Prostitution rings.

8. Involvement in human trafficking.

9. Unfair deception of workers seeking international employment.

10. Methodical swindling of unsuspecting tourists.

11. Orchestrating calculated hits.

12. Employing aggressive tactics for debt collection.

13. The illicit smuggling of military weapons or illegal firearms.

14. Public land encroachment and environmental resource degradation.

15. Levy imposition on public highways.

16. The smuggling and unregulated sale of narcotics.

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