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Bombshell Revelation: Unregistered Residents Left High and Dry in Thai Government’s 10,000 Baht Boost? The Harsh Truth Unveiled!

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Navigating the intricate economic stimulus plan laid out by the Pheu Thai Party, spearheaded by Prime Minister Srettha, presents a few critical conditions that the Thai population must adhere to. One such stipulation is the application of the 10,000 baht monetary injection in a digitised format, set to be expended within a window period of six months, abiding by certain regulations that aim to democratise the utility of these funds.

The funds are to apply only to indispensable day-to-day expenses that steer clear of state welfare, primarily proximate to community stores and services. Essentially, these funds must be used within a 4-kilometre stretch from the recipient’s registered domicile. One particular caveat on this digital wallet feature is the restriction against any online purchases.

This stipulation might tilt the scales disparagingly towards the multitude whose residences remain unregistered, especially the large worker population in Bangkok. According to the regulations, they might face considerable inconvenience or even the inability to claim this economic lifeline as they may reside much further than the stipulated 4-kilometre criterion.

Given the population statistics as of August 2023, there is an astounding total population of 66,056,867, within which Bangkok houses approximately 5,476,145 lives. Unregistered citizens, as per the Survey conducted by the National Statistical Office in 2022, includes those gaining employment or pursuing academics in provinces inconsistent with their permanent residences.

These include daytime commuters referred to as ‘daytime unregistered residents’ and those individuals residing permanently but failing to update or enlist their residences appropriately, termed as ‘overnight unregistered residents’. The numbers of unregistered residents reach an alarming peak with national figures at 9,158,800 people, of which a disproportionate 2,753,400 resides in Bangkok.

These unregistered residents craving to avail of this 10,000 baht sovereign assistance might find themselves in a disoriented state. They might have to undertake the physical journey back to their registered residences to discharge this financial assistance within the scheduled six months. As we steer into this financial navigation, it is a wait and watch game to observe if these individuals will be granted the entirety of this benefit in practice.

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