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Borderline Anarchy: Thailand and Myanmar Unite in Waging War Against Cross-Border Crimes – Unveiling the Secret Alliance’s Shocking Strategies!

In their pursuit of sustained amiable relations, both nations underlined the vitality of frequent meetings at every echelon. They agreed that such engagements are integral to keeping their friendly neighbourhood ties alive and thriving, and to expedite reciprocal arrangements in areas that offer tangible benefits for the citizens of each country.

When addressing safety and security matters, a united front was established to jointly tackle the spike in cross-border crimes. Both countries recognized the pressing need to stem these transgressions, taking especially into consideration the increased risk in areas near the border, consequent to the broader problem of transnational crime.

Looking forward on the economic spectrum, both nations expressed their contentment regarding the continued solid upswing in bilateral trade. They thoroughly discussed potential strategies to enhance economic ties and foster developmental cooperation further. In addition, deliberation on adopting the Baht-Kyat direct settlement system was made to streamline bilateral trade and simplify cross-border payments for denizens of both countries. They also broached the idea of investment in transportation infrastructure and eco-friendly development projects.

The Thai delegation also recommended that the Myanmar side revise and refine its regulatory guidelines. Through this, they hope to engender an environment that stimulates bilateral trade and investment, thereby enabling it to flourish seamlessly.

Engaging in a discourse to foster stronger collaboration between the two countries’ foreign affairs departments, the Thai side showed its preparedness to provide scholarships and brief training programmes for Myanmar’s diplomats.

The Myanmar delegation was notably grateful for the relief items that Thailand had dispatched to assist the Myanmar populace affected by Cyclone Mocha. Echoing this sentiment, the Thai side reaffirmed their commitment to continue proffering humanitarian aid to those in Myanmar requiring help.

The visit undertaken by the Permanent Secretary of Myanmar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Thailand occurred during the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two nations. This illustrious milestone, celebrated in August 2023, served as a potent reminder of the robust ties that have developed between these close neighbours.

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