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British National Michael Girling’s Harrowing Ordeal: Impaled by Fence in Pattaya After Lockout Mishap

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In the dim lights of early Sunday morning in Pattaya, a tale as peculiar as it was perilous unfolded in the quiet streets of Bang La Bang district, Chon Buri. Picture this: an intoxicated British national, a sharp, pointing iron fence, and an ambitious attempt to scale it. The combination led to a scenario that even the most seasoned of paramedics wouldn’t forget anytime soon.

The scene is Choke Chai Garden Home 2, in the tranquil tambon Nong Pru, where the tranquility was abruptly interrupted. There, amidst the calm of the early hours, lay a man, not just any man, but Michael Girling, aged 65, in a predicament that could only be described as dire. Mr. Girling found himself literally on the pointy edge of disaster, with an iron fence’s arrowhead piercing through his abdomen. The fence, which on any other day stood innocuously surrounding his home, had become a formidable foe following a series of unfortunate decisions fueled by alcohol.

The local paramedics, responding with the urgency the situation demanded, arrived to find a scene that was both grim and bizarre. With professionalism and a tad of astonishment, they worked to free Mr. Girling from his elevated prison, offering the first aid necessary to stabilize his condition before whisking him away to the hospital. The injury was nothing to scoff at — a ghastly puncture approximately five to six inches deep.

But how, you might ask, did our protagonist find himself impaled in such an excruciating circumstance? The tale is as old as time, or at least as old as the concept of locking oneself out. Mr. Girling, in his inebriated state, found the door to his abode unyieldingly shut. Rather than conceding defeat, he turned his eyes to the fence, a barrier he deemed surmountable. What ensued was a slip, a fall, and an unfortunate union between man and metal.

Enter Pad, a neighbor of Mr. Girling’s, aged 50, who proved to be the unsung hero of our tale. Alerted by the moans disrupting the nighttime silence, she ventured outside, only to discover the harrowing sight of Mr. Girling, partially skewered and in distress. Reacting swiftly, she fetched a ladder, playing a critical role in his rescue, and alerted the paramedics. According to her account, Mr. Girling had been a resident of the locale for several months, albeit never quite in such a precarious manner.

This story, while extraordinary, serves as a cautionary tale about the perils of alcohol, the reliability of neighbors, and the ever-present risks of sharp, pointed fences. Mr. Girling’s ordeal, while unfortunate, highlights the importance of community, the bravery of first responders, and the unexpected adventures that often find us, especially when we least expect them. In Pattaya, as in life, it seems, fences are sometimes higher than they appear, and the road home, even if just from the other side of the gate, may sometimes require a detour to the hospital.


  1. ThriftyNomad April 7, 2024

    Absolutely insane story! Reminds you that alcohol can genuinely lead to disaster. But, should we be laughing or feeling sorry for Mr. Girling? Seems like a bit of both. The real hero here is Pad, the neighbor.

    • PattayaPete April 7, 2024

      Absolutely, Pad deserves a medal or something. It’s easy to ignore noises in the night, but she acted. And yeah, alcohol is no joke. This should be a wake-up call for many.

      • SkepticalSue April 7, 2024

        A medal for what exactly? Being a decent human being? I think the bar for heroism is set a bit too low here.

    • ThriftyNomad April 7, 2024

      Maybe ‘hero’ is strong, but in today’s world, simply acting when someone’s in need is commendable. Also, let’s not overlook the impact of community here. This incident shows how important good neighbors are.

  2. SaraJ April 7, 2024

    I can’t help but think about how preventable this was. Locking yourself out is one thing but deciding to scale a fence drunk? It’s a lesson in personal responsibility. Glad he’s okay, but what a way to learn a lesson.

  3. SafetyFirst April 7, 2024

    This story highlights the need for better urban planning and safety measures. Why are fences with potentially lethal spikes allowed in residential areas? It’s a disaster waiting to happen, even without alcohol.

    • LibertyLover April 7, 2024

      So, we blame the fence now? It’s about personal responsibility. Adults should be able to drink without impaling themselves. And now we should alter infrastructure because of one man’s mistake?

      • SafetyFirst April 7, 2024

        It’s about creating a safer environment for everyone. Fences can be designed to be both secure and less dangerous. It’s not about one man’s mistake; it’s about preventing potential future accidents.

  4. LaughTrack April 7, 2024

    I’m sorry but I couldn’t help but laugh. It’s like something out of a slapstick comedy, except it’s real life! I’m glad he’s not critically injured, but you’ve got to admit it’s an absurd situation.

  5. Countryboy April 7, 2024

    Pattaya sure is a different world. You wouldn’t hear this happening out in the countryside. Sounds like too much city living and too much drink got the better of Mr. Girling. A cautionary tale for others.

  6. JaneDoe April 7, 2024

    Stories like these make me wonder about the line between personal freedom and public safety. Should there be more regulations on what can be in our yards, or is it entirely a matter of personal responsibility?

    • Mark_the_Hawk April 7, 2024

      Freedom until your freedom hurts you, I guess. But seriously, more regulations aren’t the answer. Educating people on safety and maybe on drinking limits could help more.

      • EclecticEric April 7, 2024

        Education is great, but sometimes, people only learn the hard way. Maybe this scare is exactly what Mr. Girling needed. And a story for others to think twice before overindulging.

  7. ModerateMind April 7, 2024

    Does anyone else think that maybe, just maybe, this could’ve turned into a tragic story very quickly? I’m just thankful he’s alive. It’s easy to make jokes, but someone could’ve died.

  8. HistorianHarold April 7, 2024

    Intriguing how this incident weaves together themes of community, personal folly, and the interaction with our environment. It’s almost a modern fable cautioning against overconfidence and neglect of personal safety.

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