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Cannabis’ health benefits for epileptic youngsters and people seeking palliative cancer therapy have been acknowledged by a senior Ministry of Public Health official

‘Cannabis has an effect on the brain and neurological system, particularly in students’ brains and learning abilities,’ Dr. Somsak added. Dr. Somsak, on the other hand, insisted that the medicine be used exclusively under medical supervision and not for recreational purposes. The senior medical official also emphasized the dangers of cannabis or marijuana as a cause of drug addiction, as well as the harm it poses to road safety. ‘We are well aware of the benefits, but the drawbacks include addiction and traffic accidents involving inebriated drivers.’ This is something that has previously happened in other countries.

He stated that the drug was extremely beneficial to individuals who had small children with epilepsy, as well as those who had cancer and found it to be indispensable as a palliative treatment or for those who were through chemotherapy and found it to help with nausea.

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