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Caught on Camera: Ordinary Cell Phone Turns Lifesaver in Dramatic Thai Shooting Incident – Shocking Twist in Relationship Gone Sour!

A peculiar instance of a mobile phone morphing into an impromptu lifesaving tool surfaced in the Isaan province of Chaiyaphum, Thailand. A young Thai woman was saved from a potentially fatal bullet wound when the bullet, fired by her ex-lover, was intercepted by her cell phone. She sustained a minor injury near her waist but was otherwise unharmed.

Ratda, a 24-year-old resident of the province, who’s currently recuperating at Khon Sawan Hospital, narrated her horrifying ordeal to the law enforcement authorities and local media. She was ambushed by her ex-boyfriend, a 29-year-old named Thongbon, on her way back home on her motorcycle. Thongbon fired two shots at Ratda; one missed the intended target, while the other struck her mobile phone first before penetrating her body.

Despite the harrowing circumstance, Ratda displayed remarkable bravery. She managed to escape from the scene and rode her motorcycle to a nearby neighborhood, alerting her neighbors about the incident and subsequently lodged a formal police complaint at Khon Sawan Police Station.

Ratda had no doubt about the identity of her assailant. She confirmed that it was Thongbon, with whom she had a turbulent relationship of four months during which they even cohabited for a while. But the relationship was marked by physical abuse, leading Ratda to sever ties with him a month prior to this assault.

Police officers investigating the case delved into the surveillance footage of Ratda’s neighbors and discovered Thongbon nonchalantly sipping coffee and smoking near the latter’s residence. The same footage also captured the very act of the shooting. Thongbon, following the assault, is seen fleeing the scene with an associate of his. The authorities are now on an active manhunt for both the individuals to bring them to justice.

Regrettably, Ratda’s incident isn’t a solitary case in Thailand. Earlier in June, a similar attack borne out of jealousy was reported from the southern province of Phatthalung, where a 16-year-old coerced a friend into taking the life of his 17-year-old ex-girlfriend. The girl fell victim to ten gunshots fired into her stomach.

In a parallel event in March, another Thai man targeted his ex-lover in Nakhon Pathom province, shooting her in the head after she declined to forgive him and reconcile.

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