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Chatchawan Paettayathai Warns Against Inflated Royal Thai Air Force Transceiver Purchase

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A lawmaker from the opposition Thai Sang Thai Party (TST), Chatchawan Paettayathai, issued a stark warning to a House committee, urging them not to give the green light to the Royal Thai Air Force’s (RTAF) controversial plan to purchase digital transceivers. Chatchawan, representing Roi Et as a TST MP, revealed alarming information regarding the pricing discrepancy for the Jotron TR-7750 digital transceivers. According to him, the price quoted in the RTAF’s proposal is astonishingly more than double the current market price, leading to concerns of financial misconduct.

During a House budget meeting centered on fiscal planning for the upcoming year, Mr. Chatchawan voiced his apprehensions. “A quick search online would show that the price quoted in the proposal is shockingly inflated,” he stated, pointing out that the RTAF intends to buy each unit for 956,250 baht, totaling 38.25 million baht for 40 units.

Chatchawan didn’t just present figures; he offered a clear comparative analysis. “The same model is available online for just 367,500 baht per unit. Therefore, acquiring 40 units should only cost around 14.7 million baht,” he explained. Furthermore, he emphasized that the price could drop further if the RTAF opted for a bulk purchase.

This massive price discrepancy translates to a potential loss of at least 23.55 million baht. “The burning question is, who exactly stands to gain from this inflated pricing?” he asked, casting doubts on the procurement process. Chatchawan also demanded an explanation from RTAF commander, ACM Punpakdee Pattanakul, and other senior officials about their decision to choose a vendor offering such steep prices.

Chatchawan’s concerns go beyond the transceiver procurement. He highlighted a broader issue, suggesting that the armed forces had yet to honor their commitment to sourcing weapons and ammunition locally, in line with governmental policy. This ongoing trend raises questions about the pledge for local manufacturing support.

In an unrelated matter, army spokesman Col. Ritcha Suksuwanont addressed allegations by Move Forward Party (MFP) MP Jirat Thongsuwan regarding the management of lands owned by the Treasury Department but managed by the army. Jirat claimed that the army’s management of these lands lacked transparency, making it difficult for anyone to verify their usage.

Col. Ritcha was quick to counter these assertions, maintaining that the army utilizes these lands solely for the nation’s security and developmental needs. He reassured that the usage strictly adheres to royal property regulations. He explained that public access to information about the land is restricted due to reasons of national security and military confidentiality.

The complexity and sensitivity of these issues reflect larger concerns about transparency and fiscal responsibility within the nation’s military spending practices. With lawmakers like Chatchawan Paettayathai pushing for more stringent oversight and lower costs, there is a growing call for accountability and prudent use of public funds. As the debate continues, all eyes remain on how these challenges will be addressed in a manner that respects both security needs and economic prudence.

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