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Danger in the Virtual World: Online Crime Ravages Thai Internet – The Counter Attack Begins Now!

Embroiled in a time of distress and devastation, Prasert’s heartfelt condolences resonated deeply with those who have suffered losses in the midst of the conflict. With unabashed emphasis on the critical need for both discretion and discernment, one could not overstate Prasert’s appeal for the vigilant attention of the public, cautioning against pernicious fraudsters seeking to exploit the situation by soliciting donations. His advises the populace to keep abreast of the Israel-Hamas harrowing scenario through official updates disseminated via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other government channels, advocating the sidelining of less-than-reliable sources like social media.

In an impressive showing of solidarity, the Ministry, in collaboration with the National Telecommunications Company, extends its helping hand, offering free communication services to Israel. A proud testament to human spirit and unity, the simple act of dialling 001 800 followed by the requisite destination number post the IVR voice prompt, facilitates this service, making it accessible across all networks.

The Anti-Online Scam Operation Centre, colloquially known as AOC, is crafted with a robust and pragmatic approach towards combatting the wildfire of online crimes. Streamlined to function as a single point of contact for service – AOC with prompt action promises to bring alleged nefarious activities to a halt. From suspending potentially fraudulent transactions/accounts to dexterously guiding the public through the labyrinth of online threats – the AOC stands committed. The much-awaited inauguration of this centre is scheduled for November 1, promising an around-the-clock call centre armed with 100 lines.

During the brief span from October 1 to October 8, a staggering 2,417 instances of data blockages were unravelled, putting the average daily discovery of such cases (or URLs) at an alarming rate of 302 per day. Defying the comparative average of 54.6 cases per day from the prior year showcases the visible improvement in comprehensive blocking methods employed by the Ministry staff, as well the cohesive synergy between several social media platforms.

October 10 bore witness to Prasert’s deliberations with prominent social media players – Facebook and TikTok, the main discourse centring around the prevention of online scams and illicit activities. The pivotal matters addressed included malicious ad purchases by fraudsters and mitigating detrimental online communication and fake news propagation. The conversation further broached the subject of mutual cooperation, especially the potential exploitation of social media for the professional development, career progression and income generation for Thai personnel.

In its mission to offer an all-encompassing service to the public, the AOC is working on establishing a war room. Powered by Intelligent Assistant (IA) technology and a data-centric platform, it will serve the dual purpose of data collection and analysis. The intent being to devise both preventive and punitive measures. This platform pledges to establish connections with the Central Fraud Registry of the Bankers’ Association as well as the data exchange systems offered by telecommunications service providers. Such strategic networking will certainly augment the effectiveness of relevant personnel and expedite problem-solving, thanks to the assistance imparted by AI.

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