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Daring Dining Duo’s Political Pledge: Epic Som Tam Discount on Move Forward Victory!

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Wannathida Chaisiha, a 33-year-old entrepreneur, and Mongkol Komkla, aged 27, are the proud proprietors of Loey Ma Na Tum Na Napa restaurant. The duo recently took to Facebook to make a remarkable promise to their loyal patrons. They revealed that if the Move Forward political party ascends to power, customers could enjoy their wildly popular “som tam pu pra la” dish at a discounted rate of 31 baht for one entire month.

The announcement quickly became the talk of the town, with curious patrons flocking to the restaurant to support their favorite political party and feast on this delectable salad for a fraction of the original price. Wannathida and Mongkol confessed to Nation TV that they were fervent followers of Future Forward even before its dissolution in 2020, thereafter transforming into Move Forward. The pair were drawn to the party due to its focus on ushering in a new era of politics powered by young, dynamic leaders and innovative solutions.

Delving deeper into their motivations, Wannathida and Mongkol explained that they wholeheartedly believed in Move Forward’s policies aimed at breathing new life into the beleaguered restaurant business, which bore the brunt of the languishing economy. They maintained that the only way forward was for the incoming government to remain true to its pre-electoral pledges.

Inclusivity was also at the forefront of Wannathida’s and Mongkol’s vision for their bustling eatery. The entrepreneurial couple emphasized that the restaurant’s doors were always open to people from all walks of life and political affiliations, essentially providing a common ground for diverse viewpoints to coexist over a delicious meal.

As the election results poured in on May 14, Move Forward emerged victorious with 152 seats – comprising 113 constituency seats and 39 party-list seats. This victory marks a significant shift in the political landscape, with the hopes and aspirations of many Thai citizens, like Wannathida and Mongkol, hinging on the party’s commitment to upholding its campaign promises and delivering tangible change to Thailand.

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