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Defence Minister Sutin Klungsang Investigates Military Salary Deductions Amid Social Media Uproar

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Conscripts making a beeline to ATMs to withdraw their hard-earned cash has recently triggered an eye-opening inquiry. The Defence Ministry is delving deeply into military units following the emergence of documents suggesting that Wi-Fi charges and other personal item costs have been sliced off their salaries. (Photo: Nutthawat Wichieanbut)

Determined to bring clarity, Defence Minister Sutin Klungsang swiftly ordered a nationwide investigation into these bewildering salary deductions. The intrigue ignited on social media, fueled by tales of a perplexing 1,200 baht Wi-Fi fee, soon followed by another shocker: a 500-baht hit for septic tank pumping.

Jirayu Houngsub, the Defence Ministry’s spokesperson for political affairs, emphasized that Mr. Sutin is leaving no stone unturned, scrutinizing all military units for documents suggesting deductions for items like Wi-Fi. The list extends beyond essentials to insurance (330 baht), daily use items (1,100 baht), a bag (590 baht), a camouflage suit (1,900 baht), a training suit (900 baht), drinking water and ice (470 baht), and cleaning equipment (990 baht).

In a surprising twist, some units toss in extra deductions, from PX donations—an army welfare shop (800 baht)—to funeral contributions (12 baht), an army deposit (90 baht), and even, bizarrely, a Government Savings Bank deposit (500 baht). When all is tallied, these deductions can strip a conscript’s paycheck by 4,500 to 5,400 baht from an average 10,990 baht monthly earnings.

Amidst the outcry, Mr. Jirayu hastened to clarify that these documents—intricately designed to tarnish the military’s image—are antiquated relics, their regulations long-obsolete.

“Once upon a time, salary deductions did exist, but those days are behind us,” he declared with confidence, adding that no current military regulations endorse a monthly Wi-Fi charge for conscripts.

To reassure skeptics, the Royal Thai Army (RTA) has authenticated that such charges are a thing of the past. Mr. Jirayu urged anyone with evidence or insight into the source of these archaic deductions to swiftly report to the ministry.

Delving into data from various military branches, the ministry discovered—drum roll, please—no fees for Wi-Fi services exist. Conscripts stationed in bustling urban areas enjoy standard Wi-Fi access, while their counterparts in remote or border zones are hooked up via radio and satellite signals.

Intriguingly, Mr. Jirayu shared that some new recruits found themselves cash-strapped and yearning for a lifeline home—a mobile phone. Understanding their plight, arrangements were made to purchase these phones in advance, with costs judiciously deducted from their earnings.

It’s a tale of meticulous military oversight and empathy, squelching rumors with a clarion call for truth. As the Defence Ministry digs deeper, conscripts might just find their wallets a little heavier and their hearts a touch lighter.


  1. Anna_sky June 14, 2024

    I can’t believe the military was deducting Wi-Fi fees from salaries! Absolutely ridiculous.

    • David Tran June 14, 2024

      It does sound absurd, but they claim it’s all in the past. Do you believe them?

      • Anna_sky June 14, 2024

        I’m skeptical. If this was all in the past, why are people still talking about it now?

      • Eminence31 June 14, 2024

        Yeah, cover-ups and excuses. They always say it’s a ‘thing of the past’.

  2. Steve67 June 14, 2024

    So conscripts were basically getting robbed by their own military? Saddening and infuriating at the same time.

    • Jules Lambert June 14, 2024

      I agree, it’s a betrayal by the institution meant to protect you. Disgraceful.

    • Li_An June 14, 2024

      Devastating to think about, but I hope this inquiry brings some justice.

  3. Benny B June 14, 2024

    I find it hard to believe they didn’t notice salary deductions for so long. Where’s the transparency?

    • Sara P June 14, 2024

      Good point. It should have been caught in audits or at least questioned by someone in the chain of command.

    • QuickDrawMcGraw June 14, 2024

      Probably swept under the rug until social media caught wind. Transparency only comes after public outrage.

  4. Ellie G June 14, 2024

    Charging for septic tank pumping? That’s got to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard today.

    • JFisher June 14, 2024

      It’s insane. And on top of everything else they were being charged for? That’s just shameless.

    • Theo Parker June 14, 2024

      Yes, but by investigating and addressing it now, might they actually clean house for real this time?

  5. Johansson June 14, 2024

    It strikes me odd that after all these deductions, the Defense Minister had no idea. Is that even plausible?

    • Lila_M June 14, 2024

      It does raise some red flags, doesn’t it? Either major oversight or willful ignorance.

    • Johansson June 14, 2024

      Exactly, someone high up must have had some awareness of these practices.

  6. Polly82 June 14, 2024

    Even if the deductions are outdated, that means they happened for a while. Where’s the accountability?

    • Grower134 June 14, 2024

      Agree. There should be some consequences for those involved.

    • Polly82 June 14, 2024

      Absolutely, this shouldn’t just be brushed aside.

  7. Grant_W June 14, 2024

    Why can’t conscripts just be paid what’s due to them without all these deductions? It seems unfair.

    • TechnoGoddess June 14, 2024

      It is unfair. They should be able to get their full pay without secret deductions.

  8. Janet_Max June 14, 2024

    The whole salary deduction thing sucks. How can they do this to conscripts?

    • Josh76 June 14, 2024

      It’s downright exploitation. They have no choice but to accept it.

  9. Barkanator June 14, 2024

    If these deductions are relics of the past, why are they still an issue for modern conscripts?

    • Cindy R. June 14, 2024

      Great question. Seems like someone is covering up something.

  10. Anonymous123 June 14, 2024

    This just shows how the system can easily exploit those who serve. Disgusting.

    • Eric Wong June 14, 2024

      It’s horrifying, and the fact that it’s just now being addressed highlights major flaws.

  11. Simon D June 14, 2024

    So much for military oversight. They need a serious shakeup if they want to regain trust.

  12. Lara34 June 14, 2024

    Shouldn’t there be a regulatory body overseeing these matters independently?

  13. LT_Rocha June 14, 2024

    What really bothers me is the lack of transparency. People should be aware of where their money is going.

  14. MajorTom June 14, 2024

    It’s admirable that they are investigating, but are they addressing the root causes or just the surface issues?

  15. Nina P June 14, 2024

    Even with the explanations, it’s hard to trust any official statement on this issue.

  16. TheThinker June 14, 2024

    Every aspect of this situation post-deductions screams mismanagement. Hope the probe makes a difference.

  17. TigerEyes June 14, 2024

    It’s so hard to believe there are regulations that were this unfair. How could this have been allowed at all?

  18. DarrenK June 14, 2024

    This issue exemplifies the need for transparent governance at every level.

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