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Democrats’ Epic Comeback: Surging Polls Shock Rivals as Thai Party Reclaims Southern Strongholds!

As Thailand’s oldest political party, the Democrats are ramping up their efforts in the South, particularly given that recent opinion polls suggest they may be gaining the upper hand in this region. Party leader Jurin Laksanawisit expressed confidence in the party’s ability to make a resurgence in the South.

“We have faith that the people in the South continue to support us, and we expect a strong Democratic comeback in this region,” Jurin stated.

According to the polls, many voters remain undecided, but other parties also appear to be making inroads in the southern territories. Jurin acknowledged that the Democrats are concentrating their campaign efforts on multiple regional constituencies, with the party’s secretary general and a former leader at the helm.

In the 2019 election, the South used to be a stronghold for the Democrats, who claimed 22 out of 50 seats in the region. The remaining seats went to three other parties: Palang Pracharath Party, Prachachart, and Bhumjaithai.

A total of 58 House seats will be contested in the upcoming May 14 election.

Additionally, Jurin pointed to an improved reputation for the Democrats in Bangkok, thanks to the robust campaigning efforts of Democrat deputy leader Ongart Klampaiboon and high-profile candidates Suchatvee Suwansawat and Watanya Bunnag (who is married to Nation Group CEO Sine Bunnag).

While the Democrats didn’t win any seats in Bangkok during the 2019 election, Jurin remains optimistic about the party’s chances in the May 14 election. Under the guidance of Ongart, Suchatvee, and Watanya, who have been tirelessly traversing the city to encourage voter support, the Democrats are preparing to make a strong comeback.

Jurin observed, “Despite not winning any seats in Bangkok during the 2019 election, we are dedicated to putting our best foot forward in every constituency for this election.” He added, “I believe we will secure victories on both the Thonburi and Bangkok sides.”

As the nation prepares for this critical election, the Democrats are keen to make their mark in the South and reclaim their strongholds in Bangkok. With renewed efforts and a steadfast commitment to campaigning, the party seeks to once again establish itself as a dominant force in Thai politics.

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