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Digital Deception Unleashed: Beware of the Fake ‘10,000-Baht Digital Wallet’ that’s Robbing Innocent Thais! The True Story Revealed by Pheu Thai Party!

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The Pheu Thai Party, a prominent political institution, announced yesterday that their highly anticipated 10,000-baht digital wallet policy is soon to be introduced, anticipated to be in action before April of the following year. The party, however, cautions the public regarding devious scammers capitalizing on this development and using it as a lure to trick people into clicking harmful links, declaring these fraudulent measures are not related to their initiative.

Pheu Thai’s deputy secretary-general, the esteemed Paopoom Rojanasakul, clarified that the upcoming 10,000-baht digital wallet policy is slotted to be unrolled within the first six months of the coming year. Demonstrating the party’s unwavering commitment to the initiative, Mr. Rojanasakul assured that the Pheu Thai Party is making all possible efforts to deliver on this promise before April. He was vehement in denying the association of the new digital wallet with the current Pao Tang wallet and alarmed the public against fancy promises of easy money through circulated links that are nothing but scams.

Pheu Thai’s deputy spokesperson, the diligent Treechada Srithada, reinforced the party’s caution, warning against scammers deploying false ‘digital wallet’ hyperlinks. Unsuspecting individuals are led to believe they are signing up to receive digital handouts from the forthcoming Pheu Thai-led government. According to Srithada, this sophisticated ruse cleverly targets personal data and bank account information of the victims. Insisting that the government is yet to be formed and no operational digital wallet application or related registration procedure has been implemented by the Pheu Thai Party, the spokesperson appealed for vigilance.

The centerpiece of Pheu Thai’s future legislation assures every Thai, aged 16 and above, a digital financial aid of 10,000-baht, accessible via smartphone. This digital asset has a unique constraint; it can only be utilized within a four-kilometre radius of the recipient’s residence. However, there is flexibility in terms of the enlisted locations of the beneficiaries.

This digital stipend has a validity period of six months and excludes the need for any formal registration procedure to access the wallet. To assist those without smartphone accessibility or digital savviness, the party has ensured an alternative measure. A personal identification code derived from their national identification card will grant these individuals the ability to use the digital funds.

While this breakthrough policy was initially set aside to cater to the social welfare policies of the Move Forward Party post the May 14 election, it has been revived with the Pheu Thai Party now leading the government formation. The estimated expense of the implementation comes to a hefty 560 billion baht, a cost the party is willing to undertake.

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