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Disruptive Business Revolution: Thailand’s First-Ever ‘Hybrid Wholesale’ Debuts! Does This Ingenious Model Rewrite Retail Rulebook?

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CP AXTRA unveils the inaugural concept of “Hybrid Wholesale” in Thailand, amalgamating the outstanding wholesaling prowess of Makro with Lotus’s excellence in mall management. This innovative model serves to furnish lifestyle solutions and unmatched value for businesses and everyday customers. The brainchild of Mr. Tanin Buranamanit, the CEO of CP AXTRA Public Company Limited, “Hybrid Wholesale” signifies a momentous advance in Thailand’s wholesale landscape.

Hybrid Wholesale is aptly named – it’s a harmonious blend of Makro’s industry-leading wholesale capabilities and the shopping centre expertise of Lotus’s. The resulting synergy seeks to satisfy an eclectic mix of customer requirements, offering a sundry portfolio of locally sourced items along with products cherry-picked from around the globe, all at attractive wholesale prices. Beyond business requirements, this new-generation retail format embraces the modern lifestyles of flourishing entrepreneurs.

“For over 34 years, we’ve been leveraging Makro’s knack for procuring top-of-the-line products from every nook and cranny of Thailand and from premier sources worldwide at the best possible wholesale prices”, said Mr. Tanit Chearavanont, CEO of Makro Thailand, highlighting Makro’s modus operandi for Hybrid Wholesale. Apart from these, Makro takes pride in offering exceptional perks to its valued members through the Makro PRO Point Loyalty Programme.

Makro is fully committed to fulfilling businesses’ needs with the integration of customer service channels. This features a proficient B2B sales squad, online orders via Makro PRO application, and in-person services, weaved together to provide an effortless and quick omni-channel purchasing experience. Mr. Tanit added, “Customers can swiftly and effortlessly tap into Makro’s top-notch products and exceptional value”.

Mr. Sompong Rungnirattisai, Lotus’s Thailand CEO, further elucidated on how the “Hybrid Wholesale” conceives a collaboration leveraging the best of Lotus and Makro. Lotus has built a solid reputation for managing Smart Community Centres catering to a broad spectrum of lifestyles across different age groups. We stand behind Makro’s intent to extend customer service, opening new doors of opportunities and experiences for business proprietors.

Both executives unswervingly echoed their confidence that the Hybrid Wholesale model will give a significant boost towards businesses’ long-term growth. More than providing competitive pricing and high-grade products, the heart of Makro’s mission lies in being a dependable partner that has always supported business proprietors over its 34 years of existence. This support is manifested through the exchange of knowledge and experiences which significantly contribute to the growth of Shohuay and HORECA businesses.

“With CP AXTRA at the helm, we are all set to launch Thailand’s first-ever Hybrid Wholesale store, and we are thrilled by the prospects that it presents”, Mr. Tanin optimistically concludes.

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