In recognition of World Vegan Day, which takes place on November 1st, and with the intention of catering to wealthy vegans who travel in the most opulent categories, Emirates Airlines has begun offering vegan meals in its first-class cabins. Regular passengers in coaches will not be able to hear the excitement surrounding plant-based meals since they will still be required to place their orders in advance or eat (or not eat) the mystery meat of airline goop. These passengers will also not be able to see the menus for these meals. The vegan initiative is being spearheaded by Emirates Airline Catering, which boasts the title of “biggest airline caterer in the world” and recruits chefs from 69 different nations. On the plant-based menu, there are more than 180 different recipes available to choose from. Each and every one of them has received the seal of approval from judging panels comprised of vegan and non-vegan chefs from all over the world. Even though there are now vegan dishes that are considered to be “gourmet” in first and business class, the menus for economy class haven’t altered much and still primarily consist of items that are bland. The nutritious dishes that the wealthy eat place a strong focus on newness and flavor, which is why fruits and vegetables make up such a significant portion of each dish. In a variety of recipes, components such as jackfruit, kohlrabi, and cauliflower play essential supporting roles. Tofu, imitation meat, various kinds of nuts, and legumes are some other components that play an essential role in this cuisine.

There are additional foods that are produced with gluten-free chickpea flour, quinoa seeds, dairy products manufactured from coconut, vegan chocolate, and vegan cheese. Moreover, these recipes do not contain any animal products. On the menu, you’ll find dishes such as tofu prepared with cherry tomatoes, edamame, and roasted sesame, as well as jackfruit biryani, cherry tomato tofu, and mushroom stew with thyme. Desserts made from plants, such as quinoa cakes, lemon tarts, and chocolate tofu cheesecakes, are often served alongside meatless main meals since the flavors complement one other nicely. If you have to fly economy class because you do not have enough money to fly first class, the airline will supply you with a horrible plastic box to sit in during the flight. Pre-ordering is required in order to receive vegan alternatives if you are traveling in the economy cabin. If you don’t place your order in advance, you’ll have to resort to eating dead animals or going without food entirely, just like in the old days.

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