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Engineering Student’s Midnight Heist at Big C Nakhon Phanom: Tinakorn’s Desperate Bid to Settle Debts

In the quiet hours of the early morning, when most of the world was wrapped in slumber, an engineering student’s audacious caper unfolded in the unlikeliest of venues. It was a scene straight out of a heist movie—except the stage was the Big C store in the bustling district of Muang, Nakhon Phanom, and our protagonist, a 21-year-old wielding not a grappling hook, but perhaps an overabundance of ambition (and a sizable debt).

The clock had barely struck 3 AM on that fateful Tuesday when the store’s CCTV captured a figure, face shrouded in mystery, attempting an ill-fated foray into the world of crime. His first act was a comedic ballet of bungles as he tried—and spectacularly failed—to penetrate the defenses of a gold shop and an ATM. But, as they say, when one door closes (or in this case, firmly refuses to open), another swings wide, leading our intrepid thief to a mobile phone shop within the Big C premises.

Under the cloak of darkness, and with a determination that one can’t help but find a tad admirable, the suspect embarked on his plunder. His bounty? Two iPad tablet computers and a quartet of iPhone smartphones, all whisked away through the store’s fire exit as casually as if he were merely clocking out after a late shift.

Enter stage left: Pol Maj Gen Thawatchai Thungpao, the astute chief of Nakhon Phanom police, and a mobile phone dealer whose suspicions would unravel this poorly-spun web of deceit. The latter grew wary upon a mysterious man’s attempts to offload iPhones as if they were hotcakes, prompting a swift call to the authorities.

Our would-be mastermind, a second-year engineering student at a local university, was apprehended in the confines of his rented abode in Muang district. The suspect, known only as Tinakorn, a native son of Renu Nakhon district, found himself ensnared by the very technology he sought to pilfer. Under the weight of interrogation, Tinakorn confessed to his nocturnal escapades, painting a picture of a young man driven to the brink by the invisible chains of online gambling debts. Desperation had led him to scale the Big C store’s roof structure, descending into the night like a misguided Santa Claus on a mission gone awry.

What unfolds now is a tale as old as time—of choices made, paths taken, and the consequences that follow. Yet, amidst the unraveling of Tinakorn’s midnight misadventure, we find not just a story of crime and punishment, but a poignant reminder of the dual edges of technology. In a twist of irony, the very gadgets he sought to claim as his own became the harbingers of his downfall.

As the sun rises over the serene landscapes of Nakhon Phanom, casting its forgiving light over the Big C store, one can’t help but ponder the curious tale of Tinakorn. A reminder, perhaps, that in our quest for more—be it wealth, success, or the latest iPhone—we must tread carefully, lest we lose ourselves in the shadows we navigate.


  1. EddieTechSavvy January 31, 2024

    It’s fascinating and a bit sad to see how debt and desperation drove a young, presumably intelligent, individual to resort to theft. This case really highlights the dangers of online gambling among students.

    • GamerGuy91 January 31, 2024

      True, but let’s not make excuses for criminal behavior. He chose to steal instead of seeking help for his debt. Personal responsibility should not be ignored.

      • EddieTechSavvy January 31, 2024

        Agreed on personal responsibility, but it’s also about understanding the underlying causes. It might help us find better solutions to prevent such incidents.

      • CounselorJen January 31, 2024

        The real issue is the lack of awareness and education about the dangers of online gambling. We need more programs to help students understand and cope with these problems.

    • DebtFree2021 January 31, 2024

      Isn’t it ironic how technology, the very thing he tried to steal, led to his capture? Shows you can’t escape the digital eye.

      • OldSchool January 31, 2024

        In my days, we didn’t have such temptations or surveillance. Simpler times, but maybe we were better off?

  2. SociologyNerd January 31, 2024

    This event underscores a larger societal issue. Our culture’s obsession with material wealth and the pressure to succeed at any cost can lead some down a dark path.

    • RealistRay January 31, 2024

      While societal pressures do exist, it’s a stretch to blame society for individual choices. Everyone is facing pressures but not everyone turns to crime.

      • FightTheSystem January 31, 2024

        But you’ve got to admit, Ray, the system is broken if young kids feel their only way out of debt is through theft.

      • SociologyNerd January 31, 2024

        Exactly, it’s about understanding the root causes. Only then can we start to make changes that prevent such acts of desperation.

  3. TechWatcher January 31, 2024

    The irony in technology being both the cause and solution to this problem is striking. We’ve created a world where gadgets are both the prize and the prison.

    • Philosopher_King January 31, 2024

      An astute observation. It appears we’re spiraling into a techno-dystopia where our devices govern us, our desires, and even our downfalls.

  4. LocalJoe January 31, 2024

    Feel bad for the owners of the mobile shop. Their hard work and inventory just walked out the door. Hope they had insurance!

    • ShopOwner42 January 31, 2024

      Insurance doesn’t always cover everything, and the paperwork is a hassle. Plus, it’s the feeling of being violated that stings the most.

      • LocalJoe January 31, 2024

        Didn’t think of it that way. It’s more than just a financial loss, huh? Sorry to hear that. Hope things get better for small businesses like yours.

  5. GadgetGeek January 31, 2024

    Wonder if the thief thought about selling the items online. With serial numbers, those devices are traceable. Not the smartest move.

    • TechCruncher January 31, 2024

      Probably a spur-of-the-moment decision. Desperation doesn’t always leave room for logical thinking. But yeah, not smart at all.

  6. ConcernedCitizen January 31, 2024

    What’s happening to our youth? Gambling debts at such a young age. Parents, educators, and society as a whole need to take a hard look at what’s going wrong.

    • Parenting101 January 31, 2024

      It’s a collective failure. We’re not teaching values like we used to. Everything’s about quick success and getting rich.

      • ConcernedCitizen January 31, 2024

        Exactly, and it’s costing us. Not just financially, but in the moral and social fabric of our society.

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