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Epicureans Rejoice! Discover the Unique Peruvian Culinary Journey Thailand Can’t Stop Talking About!

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In a vibrant showcase of cultural fusion and connectivity, the Embassy of Peru in Thailand successfully executed a trio of spectacular events, imbued with the heart and soul of Peruvian culture. Displaying the rich tapestry of Peru’s culinary traditions, the embassy hoped to treat Thai audiences to a sensory exploration of Peru’s unique gastronomy.

The cultural celebration was kick-started with the “Peruvian Food and Pisco” event on November 11th. Guests were privy to a live cooking demonstration conducted by a Peruvian maestro of culinary arts. The chef passionately assembled traditional dishes like the tangy seabass ceviche and savoury, fish and shrimp tiradito. Amidst the tantalizing kitchen theatrics, attendees also got to discover Pisco, the spirited national beverage of Peru, through an entertaining cocktail mixology session.

On the 13th, the embassy orchestrated the ritzy affair “Andean Elegance: A Pisco and Wine Affair” which beckoned guests to dive into the diverse world of Peruvian wine and liquors. Distinguished by an innovative take on taste exploration, the event was nothing short of captivating.

The grand series wrapped up with “Peruvian Coffee Cupping: From Andean Beans to Thai Brews” on the subsequent day at Promperu Asean. This was a must-attend for coffee connoisseurs, who dove into a sensory journey, tantalizing their senses with aromas and flavours of a variety of Peruvian coffee beans. The coffee-tasting event was meticulously organized with the assistance of 11 Peruvian communities and associations.

The Peruvian Ambassador, Cecilia Galarreta, emphasised the collaborative spirit of the event series. Galarreta noted that the efforts were fortified by the joint endeavours of the Peruvian Economic and Trade Office for ASEAN, along with various Thai and Peruvian enterprises. The objective, according to Galarreta, was to underscore the rich flavors and diversity bottled within Peruvian cuisine and drinks.

As Galarreta explained, Peruvian food, wine, and coffee are poetic narratives of Peru’s rich culture, history, and diverse influences. With a varied landscape spanning from the coastal to the Andean to the Amazonian regions, Peru boasts a breathtaking range of ingredients. The Ambassador cited the presence of over 4,000 indigenous potato varieties, an exquisite palette hailing from the highlands of Peru.

Galarreta also drew attention to Peru’s five-century-old tradition of wine production, painting it as South America’s oldest wine-producing nation. The plethora of regional wines arising out of Peru’s diverse climate and topography was another highlight.

No less significant is Peru’s deeply rooted coffee industry, with beans from Cusco, Cajamara, Junin, and Pasco offering a flavorful variety. As per Galarreta, these elements are much more than just food and drink, they are woven into the fabric of Peru’s cultural identity, symbolizing the harmonious blend of diverse traditions and influences.

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