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Peruvian Passport to Taste Explodes in Thailand: Savor the Exquisite Journey from Andean Coffee Beans to Thai Brews!

There’s an enchanting aroma wafting from the Peruvian Andes that’s captivating Thai taste buds. Thanks to the exceptional initiative of the Peruvian embassy and the Peruvian Economic and Trade Office for ASEAN, the vibrant food culture and the exclusive beans of Peru, headlined the recently held event, “From Andean Beans to Thai Brews”. The thoughtfully curated occasion enlightened attendees on the richness of Peruvian coffee offerings on November 14th. 

Not just another meeting, this coffee tasting initiative was one among the three dedicated events the Embassy of Peru in Thailand hosted with the objective of fostering cross-cultural appreciation. The inaugural event began on November 11th featuring “Peruvian Food and Pisco”, where a welcome invitation was extended to the public. Attendees had an opportunity to witness a live cooking demonstration showcasing fresh Seabass ceviche and succulent fish and shrimp tiradito, prepared by renowned Peruvian chef. Plus, there was a lesson or two in the art of mixing cocktails using Pisco, a delectable Peruvian spirit.

The cultural exchange continued with the “Andean Elegance: A Pisco and Wine Affair” held on November 13th. Concerted efforts were made to motivate people to relish the complete essence of Peruvian wines and beverages. Clearly leaving no stones unturned, the embassy culminated the festivities with the “Peruvian Coffee Cupping” event, where keen coffee enthusiasts savoured varietal flavours of Peru’s coffee beans, sourced directly from 11 Peruvian associations and communities.

His Excellency Peruvian Ambassador Cecilia Galarreta spoke highly of these well-crafted events that were born out of a synergistic collaboration with Thai and Peruvian enterprises. She emphasized that the primary impetus behind these was to celebrate and showcase the exceptional Peruvian f&b culture in Thailand. She added, “Peruvian cuisine, wine, and coffee embody the rich cultural ethos of our nation. They represent an intricate fusion of deep-rooted traditions, history, and flavours of Peru.”

“From our diverse kitchens to our vineyards and coffee plantations, Peru is blessed with a vibrant range of offerings, thanks to the country’s diverse topography, encompassing coastal, Andean, and Amazonian regions. For instance, the Peruvian highlands boast of hosting over 4,000 types of native potatoes,” she further elucidated.

Emphasizing the grandeur of Peruvian produce, she highlighted Peru’s claim to being the oldest wine-producing nation in South America, weaving a 500-year-long saga. Owing to a varied climate and distinctive regional geography, Peruvian wine holds a unique appeal all of its own. In a similar vein, Peru’s storied history of coffee cultivation spans diverse regions such as Cusco, Cajamara, Junin and Pasco, each rendering unique tastes and scent profiles to the brewed beverage.

Summarizing her thoughts, Ms. Galarreta concluded, “The cultural identity of Peru is intricately intertwined with our cuisine, wines, and coffee, which beautifully reflect a harmonious blend of traditional practices and influences. These are not just beverages or meals for us—they represent our soul.”

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