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Explosive Holiday Chaos Averted! Secret Thai Army Route Unveiled to Combat Traffic Mayhem: An Escape Route or a Security Risk?

The extended reprieve initiated on His Majesty the King’s birthday on Friday, paving the way for the anticipation of the advent of Buddhist Lent on Wednesday. A profusion of Thai natives are anticipated to undertake millions of homeward-bound journeys and tourist place visits during this interlude.

In a recent development on Friday, the Burapha command – a segment of the Royal Thai Army’s Internal Security Operations Command, declared that Chong Ta Kiew checkpoint was thrown open as an intermediate route directing to the Buri Ram province.

The fresh route kicks off from the juncture of Highway No. 3308 located in Sa Kaeo’s Ta Phraya district, and extends until it intersects with Highway No. 3446, that guides all the way to the Lahan Sai district nestled in Buri Ram.

“It comes as an advantageous alternative to Highway No. 348, the chief route leading to Buri Ram, which usually experiences heavy traffic during elongated holidays”, quoted Maj-General Theppitak Nimit, the head in command at Burapha.

Highway No. 348, upon which Chong Khao Tako checkpoint lies, traverses through Sa Kaeo’s Ta Phraya district steering all the way to Buri Ram’s Non Din Daeng district.

Theppitak supplemented that the current passage through the Chong Ta Kiew checkpoint will remain in service until the 2nd of August, beyond which it will cease to be accessible to the general populace, owing to grounds of maintaining security.

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