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Explosive Reveals: New Royal Thai Police Chief Outlines Vision of Meritocracy and Unity – Unprecedented Changes You Won’t Believe!

In a recent episode of Inside Thailand, National Police Chief Torasak Sukwimon shed light on some forthcoming changes within the Royal Thai Police. He expressed his commitment to building a more meritocratic environment within the force and fostering unity among all ranks.

The Royal Thai Police (RTP) is envisioned by Torasak as more than just an institution. Using words akin to a homely embrace, he wants to create a space where everyone from top to bottom works collectively towards shared objectives. According to him, the foundation of such a system is superior leadership and ensuring that the right individuals are entrusted with the right roles.

Though he’s been in the top office for just two days of his twelve-month tenure, Torasak has already set high expectations for his leadership. Yet, he implores patience from both the police force and the public as his strategies materialize one by one.

Regarding doubts about Deputy National Police Chief Roy Ingkaphairoj’s possible return to his prior role, the Police Chief clarified that the appointment and transfer of all positions would primarily be based on seniority. He elaborated that everyone, regardless of rank, would be provided equal opportunities to select roles they’re passionate about, with precedence given to those with greater seniority.

Addressing the deployment of a Special Operations Command unit at the residence of Deputy Police Chief Surachate Big Joke Hakparn, Torasak clarified that the Police Cyber Taskforce responsible for managing online gambling issues falls under the domain of RTP. He denied possessing prior knowledge of the operation.

Discussing the hot-topic photo with Big Joke that sparked controversy, Torasak illuminated that he had invited the 53-year-old deputy to a meeting to deliberate over several matters. Observant of Prime Minister’s strategy to deal with the pressing concerns within the police force, Torasak emphasized the significance of unity within the force and issued warnings against individuals with malicious intent causing internal strife.

Lastly, when asked about the conversation during the meeting with Big Joke, Torasak revealed that he had advised the deputy to exercise prudence in every situation, emphasizing that wisdom trumps emotions when it comes to problem-solving. Torasak himself upheld his own integrity and honesty, unequivocally stating he has never backstabbed anyone in his tenure.
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