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Exposed: Minor Thai Celebrity’s Brutal Betrayal! Girlfriend Unleashes Fury Over His Five Affairs!

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The tinsel town of Thailand is lately ablaze with whispers and gasps revolving around a notorious domestic violence case. The dramatic saga involves a minor celebrity figure embroiled in a sordid affair, resulting in a violent altercation with his girlfriend.

Unveiled by CCTV footage, this duo’s ugly spat ensues right after the lady, aged 43, uncovers her boyfriend’s infidelity. Her beau, in his late 30s, is a familiar face in Thailand’s TV scene, having enacted supporting roles that earned him a fair share of limelight.

They befriended each other five to six years back and have been romantically involved over the past two years. Until last year, their bond was mostly Harmony personified, with the man regarded as taking ample care of his girlfriend.

However, the peace was shattered in September when the woman stumbled upon her partner’s unfaithfulness involving not one but five different women. When she gathered her courage to confront him with evidence, a wrathful violence ensued, leaving the woman with visible bodily damages and especially eye injuries.

According to her, these proofs were based on her boyfriend’s phone communications with the other women. This incident even gained viral status when videos of the couple’s violent encounter made rounds on social media platforms.

In the aftermath of the unpleasant fallout, the man desperately sought absolution from her, vowing to revamp his ways. For a while, the woman was moved by his plea, even going to the length of withholding the police complaint about the assault. But things returned to square one soon enough, with escalating violence and frequent demands for money. These trying circumstances eventually led her to lodge the police report.

Reflecting on her ordeal, the woman vociferously stated that she swept away any hopes of a change and revival in him. She resolved to break off all ties outside police-related communications.

In a dismaying turn of events, the time duration lapsed since the event incidence rendered police unable to press charges against the man. The law enforcement, instead, decided on a restraining order, preventing the actor from making contact with his now ex-girlfriend.

On October 6th, the man gave his consent to comply with the restraining order and agreed on reimbursing the woman’s medical and therapeutic bills, totaling to a sum of 10,000 baht.

The woman recounted her trying journey with the hopes of alerting all women facing a similar plight and encouraged them to voice out domestic violence occurrences without delay as part of their personal preventive measure.

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