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Extreme Bravery on Display: Life-saving Efforts of Thai Police & Students Rewarded – Unseen Heroism Unleashed!

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The eminently respected Police Lieutenant General, Dhamrongsak Kittipraphat, found himself in the spotlight yesterday as he proudly awarded commendations to six valiant police officers and three audacious police cadet students during a ceremony at the Thai National Police Office. This recognition centered around two separate incidents that showcased not only their bravery but also their quick-thinking and problem-solving abilities – attributes that are quintessential to maintaining the peace and safety within the community.

The first episode unfolded late at night on July 17, just as the clock struck 11:40 pm, the Chana Songkhram Police Station’s phone lines buzzed with an urgent call. The report was grim – a house located at Soi Sam Sen 5, Wat Phraya Krai, in the Bang Kho Laem District of Bangkok, was being devoured by flames. The elderly occupant and a patient, both trapped within the burning abode due to a locked gate, painted a dire picture.

Amidst the smoky chaos and panic, Police Sergeants Sathaporn Samran and Krit Wong Lakkhayanan bravely took the initiative. Without wasting a moment, they clambered over the iron barricade, quickly finding themselves facing the locked door of the inferno. Seizing a hammer, Sergeant Sathaporn smashed the lock, making way for the intervention team to execute their rescue mission. Police Corporals Sorawut Balchitr, Krit, Phatradanai Roddara, Manan Kanrit, and Kittikorn Thongjamrat aided in evacuating the trapped individuals and then swiftly shifted their focus to ensure that no one else remained caught in the fiery hell. Furthermore, they coordinated with the fire department to mobilize the necessary equipment to snuff out the blaze.

Less than a week before this, on July 12, the second case of commendable efforts surfaced. This time, it was without the drama of dancing flames, instead in the virtual realm of cyberspace. The young and savvy cadet team from the Police Cadet School had been participating in an inter-school cyber skills competition for fiscal year 2023. A total of four teams represented the school, with the SixthHUNTER team bagging the first position. The victorious team comprised of the sharp-minded Cadets Tasnai Manit and Wannakorn Nunpradit, both in their fourth year, along with the quick-witted third-year cadet, Sudrit Wongsuwan. For the fourth year running, the Police Cadet School had the honour of taking home the coveted first prize for cyber skills.

During this acknowledgement of valiant deeds, Dhamrongsak lauded their spirited efforts, mentioning, “I am thoroughly impressed by their quick-thinking to wrest control of the situations and their innovative approaches. Furthermore, they act as ambassadors for their departments, earning a distinguished reputation for our force.”

Apart from conferring honours and trophies, Dhamrongsak also awarded them with a cash prize total of 20,000 baht as part of the “Doing Good, Receiving Rewards” initiative. This programme is designed to recognise and reward outstanding work and proactive behaviours that contribute to public safety. It intends to highlight the good deeds performed by police officers and civilians, setting examples for society. This includes those who demonstrate exemplary performance, proactiveness at work, helpful towards citizens, ethical behaviour, prioritisation of community benefits, and ability to gain public acceptance, KhaoSod Online reports.

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