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Fake Authorities’ Sinister Scheme Unmasked: Bangkok Family Forced to Pay Staggering 3.1 Million Baht!

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The mastermind behind a devious extortion plot in Bangkok that masqueraded as members of the Internal Security Operations Command (Isoc) has finally been apprehended. Boonserm Khamsang, 53, was caught in Pathumwan district on Tuesday, facing charges of extortion, coercion, and threats. He is the last of the four suspects to be rounded up in this case.

Investigators began their work when a group of four men, claiming to be soldiers attached to the Isoc and Crime Suppression Division police, searched a house in the Hua Mak area around noon on April 11. Alleging that the house owner had committed embezzlement, the men demanded an exorbitant sum of 3.1 million baht from him.

Fearing for the safety of his wife and two young children, the man complied and handed over the money to the criminals, who then quickly fled in an Isuzu MU-7 SUV. The victim later filed a complaint with the Hua Mak police, which led to a comprehensive investigation.

Metropolitan Police Bureau (MPB) officers and the Hua Mak police subsequently arrested Yafad Chumpraman and two other individuals connected to the case. The investigation continued, and the final suspect, Boonserm, was arrested on Tuesday.

During questioning, Boonserm told police that he had known the victim for about six years before devising a scheme to extract money from him. Boonserm enlisted the help of Yafad from Songkhla to carry out the plot. After successfully obtaining the money, Boonserm admitted to distributing 500,000 baht to each of his accomplices.

With the arrest of Boonserm, the case seems to have reached its conclusion, and justice will no doubt be served. The MPB has handed Boonserm over to Hua Mak police for the necessary legal proceedings. This riveting tale serves as a reminder to always be cautious and remain vigilant against those who may appear as authority figures but harbor malicious intent.

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