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Fashion Revolution at Thammasat University! Rangsit Campus Abolishes Traditional Uniform – What This Means for Thai Students!

The student-led governing body at Rangsit Campus of Thammasat University recently announced that the traditional uniform requirements would soon be a thing of the past. The news came via the Student Council’s Facebook page on the weekend, indicating that the university’s rector, Kesinee Withoonchart, had put pen to paper, signing a decree that would liberate the students from any predefined dress code.

No longer being dictated what to wear or how to present themselves, students would now relish in the liberty to fashion their unique styles without restrictions. The Student Council shared the news along with two official announcements of the university, validated with the signature of the rector.

The first announcement, issued by the rector on October 12, took an unconventional approach. Instead of outlining what students should wear, it clarified the types of attire that would not be tolerated within the university grounds. Kesinee condemned any form of dressing that could be judged as “impolite.”

Such inappropriate dress styles include, but not limited to, any outfit that could potentially disrupt other students during their classes, intimidate them during exams, or hamper the delivery of any university services. The directive also spells out a ban on clothing that could obstruct lecturers, examination proctors, or university staff members from executing their responsibilities efficiently. This covers any apparel that keeps students from being accurately identified, complicating the university’s effort to counter fraudulent practices.

Within a week of the first announcement, the rector on October 19, shared a follow-up circular aiming to shed more light on the earlier directive. The additional announcement detailed that the prior instructions would be specifically enacted during “general occasions,” such as when students take part in regular classes, sit for examinations, or avail university amenities.

The clarification also extended its reach to include all forms of evaluations within the university jurisdiction, emphasizing the relevance and applicability of the dressing standards. This progressive step, poised to grant students more personal freedom, marks an important milestone in the university’s history, promising a more engaging and divergent campus life.

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