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Massive Student Fashion Revolution: Thai University Shakes Up Dress Code!

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Saturday was marked by a momentous declaration from the Thammasat University Student Council at Rangsit Campus, one that saw a transformative shift in the mandatory uniform policy for students. The student council announced on their Facebook page that the university’s Rector, Kesinee Withoonchart, has signed off an order that lifts the traditional uniform constraints. Students are now granted the liberty to express themselves through their clothing choices, without the confines of a predefined dress code.

Serving as a tangible assertion of this newfound freedom, the council highlighted two official declarations made by the university, with Rector Kesinee Withoonchart’s signature underscoring the shift. Contrary to the past norm of dictating ‘appropriate’ attire for students, the initial declaration, issued on October 12th, offers definitions of styles that would be deemed inappropriate within the university’s boundaries.

The first proclamation is centered around the ethos of respect and consideration for the academy. It outlined attire limitations by stating what would be considered ‘impolite’. This includes any clothing that might adversely affect another student’s concentration in class, during exams, or while accessing university services. Further extending the provision, it also emphasizes the needs of staff, stating that any attire that hampers the duties of lecturers, teachers overseeing exams, and other university personnel would be considered inappropriate. These situations encompass clothes that obscure student identification or create hurdles in combating potential student fraud.

Just a week after the initial release, on October 19th, the Rector released a subsequent announcement. This follow-up served as clarification that the initial decree was applicable universally to ‘general occasions’. This term encompasses a range of situations including attending classes, undertaking exams, and accessing university services. Such occasions embrace all types of examinations that the students partake throughout their academic journey.

With this sweeping change, Thammasat University has redefined its student experience. Moving away from rigidly defined uniform parameters, the institution now promotes individual expression, choice, and freedom. However, it does not waive entirely the decorum of appropriateness, ensuring that the academic environment remains conducive and respectful.

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