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Forbes Forum 2023 Ignites Primal Dialogue on Sustainability: Abandon All You Thought You Knew About Business!

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The Forbes Forum 2023 provided the Next Tycoon magnates of the business world with a platfrom to explore a future where sustainability goes beyond being a fleeting trend and morphs into a fundamental principle of operation. Held on July 26 by Forbes Thailand, The Next Tycoons Forum 2023 rallied around the notion of “Synergy for Sustainability.” The event assembled an eclectic mix of participants, extending from aspiring young entrepreneurs through to trailblazers of family-run enterprises, and finally to delegates from the world of finance. The focal aim was to stir up meaningful conversations about the path and trends of sustainable business models, a concept of utmost global relevance.

The forum was divided into two thoughtful panels: “Sustainable City: Driving Urban Innovations for a Resilient Future” and “The Power of Synergy”. These platforms provided an avenue for intellectual discourse to take place, stimulating the audience to usher in a future that is marked by prosperity and environmental sustainability.

In the opening panel, “Sustainable City: Driving Urban Innovations for a Resilient Future”, an illustrious line-up under the banner of the Next Tycoons featured: Darika Lathapipat, Chairman of the Board of Governors at Wellington College International School Bangkok; Pratarnporn Phornprapha, CEO of Rêver Automotive; Apichat Praditsmanont, Vice President of Research & Innovation for the Sustainability Center (RISC) by MQDC; and Panitsanee Tansavatdi, Executive Director of Corporate Banking at UOB Thailand. Each panelist held a firm belief that for any organization, sustainability is more than just a buzzword to be added to their list of core principles.

In the field of academia, integrating discussions on sustainability into the curricula is a powerful way of sensitizing children to the magnitude of its value. Several schools have adopted this teaching method to groom a gen-next that is aware, versatile, and prepared to combat global problems, meshing sustainability issues with personal growth. The same approach applies to the business landscape, where firms prioritizing sustainability from the start make careful strategies and champion green practices to shrink their carbon footprint. This often requires support from all parties concerned for a greater overall impact. Alongside, firms also emphasize resource conservation and subscribe to the “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” principles, demonstrating their unswerving dedication towards building a more resilient and green-leaning future. In tandem, the financial realm insists on sustainable lending, funding eco-friendly supply chains. Progressive leaders thus view sustainability as a guiding light, fostering cross-sector collaborations and paving the way for a profitable and enduring legacy for future generations.

The follow-up panel, “The Power of Synergy”, brought together eminent personalities. This included Gunkul and Naruechon Dhumrongpiyawut, Chairman of the Board of Directors and COO and Strategic Investment & Sustainable Energy Business of Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited; Krai and Nattaphol Vimolchalao, Executive Director and CEO of Siamrajathanee Public Company Limited; Vatcharaphol Vimolchalao, CEO of Vinyltec Industry Company Limited; alongside Purit Laosiritaworn, Senior Vice President (Certified Financial Planner), Personal Financial Services of UOB Thailand. The meeting of minds from successive generations reinforced the universal importance of positioning sustainability as a fundamental prerequisite for every business owner.

In every era, businesses have seen sweeping changes. The bygone generation wrestled with challenges of their time, with less focus on sustainability and more on learning and steadfast perseverance for success. Today, however, sustainability is indispensable, chiefly for firms in the renewable energy sector, integrating it into their core operations. During the transition of business ownership, a range of viewpoints may arise. Therefore, effective communication becomes crucial for a smooth generational switch. State-of-the-art technologies also come to the fore as enablers for sustainability goals. In finance, business transitions take center stage, transcending credit services to include robust family financial management and estate planning. These endeavours work to build a sustainable society, ecosystem, and global environment. Collectively, they pave the way towards a future where businesses work in tandem with societal needs through sustainable practices.

The Forbes Forum 2023 fired the starting gun on the next tycoons’ collective vision for sustainable business practices. This influential convocation stimulated fruitful dialogues, weaving together threads of education, business, environment, society and the global tapestry. Through robust communication and mindful action, these pioneers are shaping a world where businesses not only thrive but do so alongside a sustainable society, setting course for a harmonious and resilient future.

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