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Friendship Bombs Twice: Thai Man’s Unimaginable Deception Involving Won Lottery Tickets Steals the Headlines!

In a curious incident that has captured local attention, authorities have issued a summons for a Thai national, identified as Kwan, allegedly involved in pilfering two lucky jackpot lottery tickets valued at 40,000 baht. The tickets were reported stolen by the victim, a 64-year-old man going by the name of Klai.

Klai made the serious accusations against his friend Kwan, who is a 50-year-old man, at the Taluk Doo Police Station located in the Udon Thani province of Isaan. Klai’s tale obstinately pointed out how he was tricked and later betrayed by his trusted friend Kwan, leading to a loss of his prized winning lottery tickets.

According to Klai, he purchased four lottery tickets and requested Kwan’s help in checking his potential winnings on October 16. While nursing skepticism, Klai watched Kwan as he sifted through the final pair of tickets. He discovered Kwan’s seemingly dubious actions but unfortunately fell for his friend’s deception. Kwan informed Klai that the tickets hadn’t won any prizes, and so he decided to burn them, classifying them as worthless.

Satisfied and hoodwinked by his friend’s convincing explanations, Klai left his supposedly losing tickets in Kwan’s custody. To his surprise, he later found out that one of the tickets had actually won the fifth lottery prize of a whopping 40,000 baht. Panicked and betrayed, Klai hurried to Kwan’s residence, only to find it deserted.

Kwan, who owns a shop selling amulets situated in a local temple, has run the business for the past half-decade. However, the monk reported that the shop had been temporarily closed since the unforgettable incident unfolded.

With mounting pressure from the involved community and intense media scrutiny, Kwan felt compelled to break the silence. In a post on his Facebook page he defended himself: “I am not on the run. I am being falsely accused. I do promise to present myself before law enforcement, after I find the money in question. I am not affluent, but I never needed to beg for money. This incident will not be the end of me. My livelihood is selling amulets, and I never even dreamt of scamming anyone.”

While Kwan’s messages avoided confessing to the theft allegations, he implied that he was earnestly hunting for funds to pay back Klai. Despite Kwan’s social media post, he conspicuously did not appear before authorities, throwing doubt over the sincerity of his words. Therefore, after waiting without avail for Kwan’s voluntary surrender, the officer took action and issued the summons. If Kwan continues to evade the law, the officials may be left with no choice but to issue an arrest warrant.

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