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Gear Up for The Ride of Your Life: Thailand’s Most Enchanting Railway Journey is Almost Here!

According to Nirut Maneephan, the governor of the State Railway of Thailand (SRT), the nation is poised to present what could arguably be the most enchanting railway journey across Thailand. Brace yourself for a thrilling ride that will take you through the heart of the country and reveal its unsung charm.

This captivating 323-kilometre-long rail route is expected to navigate through four charming northern provinces – Phrae, Lampang, Phayao and Chiang Rai. Along the way, 26 stations will dot this exciting trail, making it a vibrant, ever-changing canvas of Thai culture and heritage.

The governor shared that the people of Chiang Rai, a city known for its unique blend of contemporary art and ancient temples, have been eagerly anticipating a railway connection for more than six decades now. This announcement, therefore, brings a wave of joy and excitement to their waiting hearts.

The new railway line is a grand investment that is projected to cost approximately 85.35 billion baht. But the investment promises more than just returns, Nirut adds, as the construction process has been progressing at a pace that’s 2.7% faster than anticipated, marking a new efficiency milestone for the sector.

Thanks to the cooperation of the local people, who have been instrumental in achieving this progress, about 80% of the required land has already been expropriated. The construction’s success so far is a testament to community support and collective efforts.

Over the last eight months, remarkable progress has been made on the route’s tunnel construction. A stretch of 950 meters has been successfully completed, making it another crowning achievement of this ambitious project. The governor shared this information amidst a recent visit to a massive 2.7km-long tunnel in Phayao’s Muang district, dug to make way for the impending rail route.

But this enchanting railway journey from Den Chai to Chiang Rai goes beyond promoting local tourism. According to the governor, it will open a new lifeline for transporting goods, linking the northern provinces of Thailand with Laos and southern China. This new mode of transport not only brings prosperity but promises to reduce travel time by a substantial hour for those accustomed to road commuting. The new railway line represents a new era of connectivity, marking a resounding leap forward in Thailand’s transport landscape.

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