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Government established up hotline for complaints on expensive vegetables

The Department of Internal Trade (DIT), a division of the Ministry of Commerce, announced yesterday that it will monitor nationwide increases in the price of vegetables and will devise cost-controlling measures. According to Udom Srisomsong, the Director General of the DIT, recent flooding in a number of the kingdom’s districts has affected the quality of products and increased the cost of transport. “The provincial commercial offices have been instructed to keep a closer eye on prices and to strive to provide sufficient vegetables to consumers at reasonable prices.” The DIT intends to transport additional veggies from provinces unaffected by floods, like as Songkhla, Phuket, and Saturn, through a central market to provide consumers with more options. Consumers have noted that the availability of locally grown veggies such as morning glory, spring onions, and coriander has reached its highest point in the last decade. According to a report by the DIT, the price of one kilogram of coriander has climbed by nearly 40 percent to around 140-150 baht, while the price of one kilogram of spring onions has gone from 80 baht to 150-160 baht. The government has also observed this, which is why a complaints hotline has been established so that people can lodge complaints.

Customers at the Ta Klang Market in Trang have seen that the price of all vegetables has increased by 10 baht per kilogram and that the price of particular crops that are in greater demand is significantly higher. Vegetable prices at the Bon Kai Fresh Market in Nakhon Sawan have surged to an extraordinarily high level during the past several days. One of the market merchants in Nakhon Sawan explained that the problem is due to the flooding and that as a result, productivity has decreased and transportation costs have risen. The situation is identical at the fresh markets in the districts of Muang and Betong in Chaiyaphum and Yala, respectively. A month ago, the Vegetarian Festival took place in Thailand, causing an increase in the price of vegetables. However, such occurrences are to be expected. After a festival honoring veggies and everything associated with them, prices frequently decrease. According to information provided by the DIT, consumers can file complaints with their individual provincial commercial offices or by dialing the 1569 hotline on perceived excessive price rises for vegetables.

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