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Government projects to expand airports are rushed

Domestic and international airports are expanding to meet the goal. Airports of Thailand is expanding tiny airports in Thailand’s heartland. New Betong Airport near Malaysia will service travelers.

Compared to Bangkok airports, U-Tapao Airport can accommodate 1.5 million passengers annually. A second terminal will add 5 million annual passengers. New terminal opening 2027. The initiative is part of the Eastern Economic Corridor, which draws investment.

Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport is expanding to become a hub. The airport can handle 120 million passengers annually after expansions. West is 66,000 sq m.

Terminal 1 will have 79 gates. April will bring a 348,000-square-meter expansion to the north terminal. This year should see completion of the expansion and third runway. Renovations will continue. The airport can accommodate 45 million passengers a year, which is the same number as before the outbreak.

The project lasts until June 2025. Passenger terminal east will grow by 66,000 sq. m.

Construction contracts will soon be auctioned. Don Mueang International Airport will also be improved. Annual capacity is 30 million passengers. Plans propose for a 155,000-square-meter third terminal with 12 gates. Pattaya’s Chon Buri and Rayong’s U-Tapao airports are expanding.

Don Mueang wants 18 million annual visitors. The Thai government expects massive numbers during High Season. All AoT airports will use high-speed rail to transport passengers rapidly. Regional hubs strive to boost domestic travel. Khon Kaen Airport will expand for Isaan passengers. Mae Sot Airport is near Burma. Krabi Airport serves Phuket’s tourist destinations. Thailand wants to become a Southeast Asian transportation hub as worldwide tourism increases.

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