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Groundbreaking Climate Revolution: Thailand’s ‘BIG’ Decarbonization Strategy – Game-Changing Hydrogen & Digital Tech Unleashed!

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Weaving a tale of inspiring corporate transformation, the company “BIG,” to commemorate its 35th anniversary, steered towards an innovative and industry-defining reformation. This strategic metamorphosis was propelled by BIG’s passionate embrace of Climate Technology, a strategic beacon promising unfathomable enhancements in clean hydrogen and smart platform technologies to plummet greenhouse gas emissions drastically.

What makes this transformative journey stand out is its potential showcase of Thailand’s transition to a low-carbon society, flickering Thailand’s aspiration to hit their Net Zero emissions targets into reality. BIG, a promising subsidiary of USA’s industrial gas industry magician, “Air Products,” stands gallantly, vouching for their 35-plus years of groundbreaking experience in Thailand.

Mr. Piyabut Charuphen, BIG’s Managing Director, orated a compelling narrative of BIG’s vision, expressing their hopes of being trail-blazers in Climate Technology innovation. This vision closely resonates with Thailand’s ambitions to be carbon-neutral by 2050 and hit net-zero emissions by 2065. With a noteworthy carbon emissions reduction of over 20% already accomplished, BIG leverages Climate Technology to achieve their 2030 target of 33% reduction in emissions from their manufacturing processes.

The lens of Climate Technology paints Hydrogen as a significant protagonist. BIG, thus, assumes a starring role here as Thailand’s trusted producer of commercial, low-carbon hydrogen, with applicability spanning multiple industrial applications. With an array of innovation and hydrogen technology development expertise, BIG flourishes in its hydrogen production ventures, courtesy of technology transfers and partnerships with parent company and world’s largest hydrogen producer, Air Products.

Air Products seem to have plunged deep into an investment pool worth $15 billion, focused on both blue and green hydrogen. These projects have already embarked on a fruitful journey and are expected to fully operate by 2026–2027. Within Thailand’s borders, BIG’s roles are multi-layered, ranging from collaborating with powerhouses like PTT Group and Toyota to establishing Southeast Asia’s first-ever hydrogen refuelling station for commercial vehicles, to integrating carbon-capture technology and electrolysis into their mandates. The latter leverages collaboration with key domestic organisations to shift from fossil-based energy sources to a comprehensive hydrogen-based energy system.

Additionally, BIG’s other remarkable climatic technology product – an industry-transforming smart platform. Fueled by a state-of-the-art Carbon Accounting System driven by digital technology, this platform skyrocketed the capacity to calculate net carbon emissions in real-time. Furthermore, their unique low-carbon industrial gas innovations, tailored solely in Thailand, are the perfect condiments to add to this fiery platform, enabling the trading and exchange of carbon credits while facilitating the reduction of net carbon emissions significantly.

Therefore, BIG’s proactive advancement of Climate Technology and its eclectic partnerships within national and global industrial sectors, particularly in hydrogen and digital technology, shines through. Their all-embracing strategy, aiming to achieve sustainability objectives, beautifully aligns with national policies, exemplifying a pioneering journey towards emission reduction and sustainability.

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