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Gun and drug laws will be strictly enforced after the shooting at a daycare center

Following the recent massacre at a daycare center in the province of Nong Bua Lamphu, the Prime Minister of Thailand has stated that the country’s laws on firearms and listed drugs will be properly enforced. The move comes as the nation struggles to come to terms with the tragic shooting, which resulted in the deaths of 36 people, including 24 children, and prompted many people to advocate for more gun control laws. The announcement was made by Prayut Chan-o-cha during a cabinet meeting that also included the newly appointed national police commander. According to the Bangkok Post, it was decided that rules regarding firearms and ammunition would be vigorously enforced, with a particular emphasis placed on the acquisition of gun permits and licenses in order to possess or carry firearms.

The members of the Cabinet and the authorities in charge of law enforcement came to the conclusion that permits to carry a pistol in public might be canceled if it was discovered that the carrier had mental health, drug, or misbehavior concerns. In addition, it was decided to crack down on illicit guns as well as sales of illegal guns over the internet. As a result, some of the laws and regulations governing gun control will need to be updated in order to accommodate the shifting environment.

During the discussion, attendees also reviewed drug trader suppression and asset seizures, as well as existing import and export control measures pertaining to chemicals that can be utilized in the production of medicines. It also considered the minimum amount of narcotics that must be in someone’s possession before they can be charged with dealing. PM Prayut also mentioned that officials of the government who are found to be participating in illegal drug activity will be subject to severe punishments if found guilty. He stated that those who are addicted to drugs will also receive treatment and rehabilitation.

Additionally, the administration is working to pass a new amnesty law that would make it possible for individuals to turn in illicit firearms to the state without fear of being prosecuted for doing so. The Minister of the Interior, Anupong Paojinda, has stated that a law has to be passed in order to facilitate the surrender of illicit firearms. “There are a great many firearms that are illegal. If we limit our scrutiny to people who already possess valid gun licenses, we won’t be able to achieve our goal of reducing the number of illegal firearms in circulation. Those who turn in illicit firearms to the appropriate authorities will not be subject to any criminal prosecution for their actions. However, in the event that they do not return them, they will be subject to severe legal action. Applicants for a firearm license are required to fulfill specific requirements and demonstrate that they are not mentally unstable in order to be considered for the license. Additionally, the applicants must present certifications from respected members of the community as well as work supervisors stating that they are in good mental health.

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