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Iceland is thinking of opening a consulate in Phuket

This week, the Icelandic ambassador from the Icelandic Embassy in Beijing flew to Phuket, where he met with the Phuket Governor, Narong Woonciew, at the Phuket Governor’s Lounge in Provincial Hall. The Phuket Public Relations Department says that the two people got together to talk about the possibility of opening a consulate on the island and bringing more tourists from Iceland. After the Icelandic ambassador asked about the safety of Icelandic tourists visiting Phuket, Narong, the governor of the island, talked about the safety measures that are in place to protect all tourists. There were more people at the conference, including an Honorary Consul of Norway. Thailand has recently had diplomatic talks with a number of European countries, including Iceland and Norway, to promote tourism and business partnerships. On October 6, the Norwegian ambassadors to Iceland and Thailand got together in Oslo. In a statement, Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that they would be attending bilateral meetings to promote tourism and other diplomatic ties.

Before the global epidemic that hurt the tourism industry, Icelanders thought Thailand was a good place to visit, and Thais wanted to go to the amazing island country of Iceland. Since then, these wishes have been a pain. The goal of the ministry is to get more people to travel between Iceland and Norway, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein, which are all members of the European Free Trade Association. “Both sides are hopeful that easing travel restrictions will lead to more tourists going back and forth between the two countries. Both sides agreed that the ongoing talks for a free trade agreement (FTA) between Thailand and the European Free Commerce Association (EFTA), which includes Iceland, will help trade between Thailand and EFTA members. The Phuket News says that Thailand told meetings in both Phuket and Oslo and in Oslo that it wanted to compete for the right to host the Specialized Expo 2028 and asked for help from both Iceland and Norway. Iceland is thinking about building a consulate on Phuket, which is a Thai island in Thailand. There are now two Honorary Consuls from Iceland in Thailand. Their offices are both in Bangkok. But the European island nation sent its ambassador to China to talk with Phuket’s government about building a consulate.

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