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In April, foreign arrivals showed that tourism and the economy are rising

Shipments increased in April as well, with the value of merchandise exports increasing from March in several categories. According to the bank, private investment indicators have improved since March, with construction spending on the rise. According to the Bank of Thailand, the Thai economy is improving thanks to a rise in foreign and domestic tourists in April. With the relaxation of travel restrictions, the number of international visitors visiting the kingdom increased from 210,836 in March to 293,350 in April. However, as a result of Russia’s war on Ukraine, the number of tourists arriving from Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe has decreased.

The labor market in Thailand strengthened in April, with the number of workers registered under Section 33 of the Social Security Act increasing by 0.4 percent from March to 11.2 million in April. The Bangkok Post also reports that consumer expenditure increased year over year in April. The economy has received a little lift, according to Chayawadee Chai-Anant of the central bank, as concerns about the Omicron version fade. Consumer confidence has suffered as a result of increased living costs and high inflation, which may have an impact on private consumption. Thai citizens arriving from abroad will no longer be required to register for a Thailand Pass, though foreign nationals entering the country will still be required to do so. Unvaccinated international arrivals can also fly to Thailand if they have documentation of a negative antigen or PCR test within 72 hours after departure. Travelers who do not disclose this information will be quarantined until a negative test result is obtained.

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