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In December, 6,730 flights will land in Phuket

A little under one million passengers have passed through Phuket International Airport during the course of the past seven months. There were a total of 959,217 people that landed on the island during the months of May through November. Only in the past month, there were almost exactly 250,000 passengers who arrived in the country through foreign aircraft. This is equivalent to an average of 8,165 passengers arriving each and every day. Additionally, this number does not include travelers who had layovers in Bangkok and who went through immigration Control prior to connecting aircraft to Phuket.

In terms of the total number of flights that arrive at Phuket International Airport, the airline that arrives in Phuket the most frequently is Qatar Airways, followed by Singapore Airlines. On the other hand, when considering the overall number of flights, Russian airlines convey the greatest number of passengers to the island. India and Kazakhstan both have the same number of points, which puts them in a tie for the second-place spot. The number of individuals who arrived from Russia in November was 63,357, which was significantly more than the number of individuals who entered from India (29,263) or Kazakhstan (13,020). (10,659).

This month, Phuket will be accessible via flights from a total of 38 international carriers, each of which will offer flights to the island. A total of 6,730 flights are scheduled to take off from or land at Phuket International Airport this month, indicating that the island’s busiest travel period has officially begun. The approximate number of daily flights that occurred in November was approximately 200; however, throughout the month of December, there will be an increase to an average of 217 daily flights from that point forward. On the busiest day of November, there were a total of 219 arriving aircraft and 10,467 passengers at the airport. Roughly 3,000 of these flights are considered to be arrivals from other countries, while the remaining 3,730 are scheduled to be flown by Thai airlines and other domestic carriers.

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