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Jatuporn Prompan Rallies Mass Protest Against Thailand’s Foreign Ownership Policies

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Former red-shirt leader Jatuporn Prompan is rallying the masses for a protest next month, set to clash head-on with a suite of government initiatives that have rattled many in Thailand. At the heart of the uproar are proposals to raise the ceiling on foreign ownership in condominiums to a staggering 75% and the introduction of 99-year land leases for foreigners. Jatuporn argues these moves will unfairly benefit only the country’s elite, leaving ordinary citizens in the lurch.

In an impassioned Facebook post on Monday, Jatuporn implored the public to stop being “political victims” and stand up against Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin’s policies. He accused the government of cloaking a secret agenda specifically designed to line the pockets of a select few, amassing funds potentially aimed at next election’s campaign war chest.

“The prime minister was a real estate developer,” Jatuporn reminded his followers. “If his plans are steamrolled without any resistance, Thailand stands to lose its sovereignty. Condominiums in Thailand could be virtually handed over to foreign ownership—75% through legal channels and the remaining 25% through nominees,” he warned.

Jatuporn also highlighted that extending land lease terms from 30 years to a whopping 99 years could facilitate the establishment of quasi-colonies right in the heart of Thailand. According to him, the proposed foreign condominium ownership scheme alone is valued at a colossal 4 trillion baht.

And that’s not all. Jatuporn painted a broader picture, bringing other government projects into the spotlight, emphasizing their astronomical investment requirements. We’re talking trillions of baht here, from the digital wallet scheme and the southern Land Bridge megaproject to ambitious plans for a casino complex development.

Particularly contentious is the digital wallet scheme, poised to gift a one-time 10,000-baht cash bonus to eligible citizens. Jatuporn claims the disparity between the budget request for this initiative and the actual expenditure could balloon to a mind-boggling 400 billion baht.

Backing Jatuporn’s stand, Thai Sang Thai Party leader Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan has vociferously criticized the proposed changes to condominium ownership and land leases. She asserts that the government should be focusing on more pressing issues affecting Thai citizens.

“People are losing their homes,” Khunying Sudarat pointed out, stressing the urgency of the situation. “This is an urgent matter that the government must address immediately.”

With heightened emotions and a burgeoning sense of urgency, it seems the upcoming protest could serve as a critical juncture in the ongoing debate about Thailand’s future direction. As the clock ticks down to the protest day, all eyes will be on how the government responds to these allegations and if the public will rally behind Jatuporn’s call to action.


  1. Laura K. July 8, 2024

    Jatuporn has a point. We can’t just hand over our country to the highest bidders.

    • grower134 July 8, 2024

      But foreign investment is crucial for our economy. How else do we move forward?

      • Jerry T. July 8, 2024

        True, but at what cost? Losing our sovereignty isn’t worth it.

    • Maya P. July 8, 2024

      Foreigners already have too much control. Strengthening our internal policies should be the focus.

      • Laura K. July 8, 2024

        Exactly. More should be done to protect local interests.

  2. Ben July 8, 2024

    75% ownership is exorbitant. It will create economic disparity!

    • Helena D. July 8, 2024

      Maybe, but local landlords aren’t any better. They’re hiking rents too!

    • Michael July 8, 2024

      Any change is going to cause friction. But this seems overdue if we want foreign investment.

      • Ben July 8, 2024

        Can’t we reach a middle ground? Maybe cap it at 50%?

  3. Pavan July 8, 2024

    Good for Jatuporn for standing up to Thavisin. It’s about time someone did.

    • techguy22 July 8, 2024

      You might say that, but this could stall much-needed development.

    • Sarah L. July 8, 2024

      Pavan has a point. If no one questions the government, who will champion the common people?

  4. Danny V. July 8, 2024

    99-year land leases? That’s basically selling out our land!

    • OldManJoe July 8, 2024

      It’s strategic long-term planning. Immediate solutions don’t always last.

    • Danny V. July 8, 2024

      Strategic for whom? Certainly not the average Thai citizen!

  5. Ellis July 8, 2024

    The digital wallet scheme sounds good, but can we trust the government to execute it without corruption?

    • Analyst2020 July 8, 2024

      Past projects were riddled with issues. This skepticism isn’t unfounded.

    • Talia G. July 8, 2024

      Corruption is always a risk. That doesn’t mean we should halt progress.

    • Ellis July 8, 2024

      True, but stricter oversight is essential. Let’s not be naive about this.

  6. Amara P. July 8, 2024

    Sudarat is right. Homelessness is rising, yet the government is busy with grandiose projects.

    • Cathy L. July 8, 2024

      Homelessness isn’t just a local issue; it’s global. Solutions are complex.

      • Amara P. July 8, 2024

        Acknowledging the problem is a start. But local government can make a difference.

  7. Jackie July 8, 2024

    Why is no one talking about the environmental impact of these massive projects?

    • EcoWarrior73 July 8, 2024

      Right? Greenwashing these initiatives doesn’t make them sustainable!

    • Lara K. July 8, 2024

      Because the economy always takes precedence over ecology, sadly.

  8. Tom July 8, 2024

    Is Jatuporn even relevant anymore? His time was years ago.

    • Samara L. July 8, 2024

      His relevance isn’t the question. His arguments against these policies are.

    • Tom July 8, 2024

      Valid arguments or just seeking attention? That’s what we should consider.

  9. Joseph July 8, 2024

    This is such a complex issue. Both sides have valid points, and we need a balanced approach.

    • Kelsey M. July 8, 2024

      Exactly. Extreme measures rarely benefit anyone in the long run.

      • Joseph July 8, 2024

        Perhaps a phased approach could work, allowing adjustments as needed.

  10. Ravi July 8, 2024

    Jatuporn’s fear-mongering isn’t helpful. We need facts, not sensationalism.

  11. Ahmed123 July 9, 2024

    I applaud Jatuporn for his courage. Taking on the government is no small feat.

  12. Kristin July 9, 2024

    Foreign investment in real estate makes housing unaffordable for the locals.

    • Tommy July 9, 2024

      It’s not just real estate. Look at all sectors. Prices are moving beyond reach!

      • Kristin July 9, 2024

        True, the pattern is worrying and needs addressing.

  13. Roger Wayne July 9, 2024

    4 trillion baht is a massive figure. Can the government even manage that?

  14. Gina79 July 9, 2024

    It’s a clever move by the government to secure funds for the next election.

  15. MoZilla July 9, 2024

    Can someone explain why Thavisin’s real estate background is relevant?

    • Eve S. July 9, 2024

      Because it points to a potential conflict of interest, don’t you think?

      • MoZilla July 9, 2024

        Fair point. But isn’t some expertise in the area beneficial?

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