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Jaturong Suriyasasin Leads MEA Seminar on Electrical Safety in Condos: Key Insights & Innovations

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On a bright morning of June 6, 2024, the Crowne Ballroom at the Crowne Plaza Bangkok Lumpini Park buzzed with anticipation. Jaturong Suriyasasin, the charismatic Deputy Governor (Business) of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), was at the helm of an enlightening seminar titled “Safety and Maintenance of Electrical Systems in Condominiums.” The seminar was not just another industry talk; it was a knowledge-packed session specifically tailored for condominium and apartment stakeholders. The agenda resonated with vital themes like inspecting and maintaining electrical systems, managing risks, and showcasing MEA’s top-notch maintenance services, complete with hands-on consultations.

Jaturong, standing tall and confident, could barely contain his enthusiasm. “MEA,” he began, his voice carrying a note of pride, “is a state enterprise that specializes in efficient and reliable electricity distribution. We are unwavering in our commitment to promoting the safe use of electricity.” His audience, a sea of property managers, electricians, and curious condominium owners, listened intently. Condominium users, as he pointed out, form a significant chunk of large-scale electricity consumers. This seminar was designed not just to disseminate critical safety and maintenance information but also to foster stronger relationships with the condominium community. The role of the real estate sector in electricity consumption couldn’t be understated, and safe energy management was a top priority, Jaturong emphasized. His words were a blend of wisdom and foresight, aiming to equip attendees with practical and safe applications of the knowledge they acquired.

The seminar sessions were a blend of theory and practice, enriched by the expert voices that graced the stage. These industry savants broke down complex topics into nuggets of actionable insights that participants could apply back in their settings.

Jaturong beamed with pride as he described MEA’s comprehensive maintenance services under the banner of MEA Better Care Service. “We emphasize Preventive Maintenance (PM), which includes regular checks and inspections to preclude any immediate damage to electrical equipment,” he elaborated. “From electric meters to main electrical panels, our expert engineers employ the latest tools and technologies to ensure everything runs smoothly.” And it wasn’t just about fixing problems as they arose; the service was a continual effort. “We even predict potential future damages using thermo scan tools, ensuring a robust safety net for the entirety of the electrical system…” He chuckled, adding, “And yes, we offer 24/7 consultations and troubleshooting. We’ve got your back, always!”

The seminar took an electrifying turn when Jaturong shifted gears to talk about MEA’s innovative Plug ME EV charging system, catering specifically to the growing population of electric vehicle users in condominiums. “Imagine managing up to 32 charging heads with a single intelligent control unit,” he said, eyes twinkling with excitement. “This innovation doesn’t just cut costs by over 40% compared to typical AC chargers; it revolutionizes energy utilization through Smart Charging, ensuring that every vehicle in the station gets the power it needs while harmonizing with the existing power supply.” With seamless integration via the MEA EV Application, the system supported EV Roaming, allowing users interoperability across partner networks. He praised the convenience this system afforded to station owners, who could manage and monitor settings through a comprehensive station management system.

As the seminar drew to a close, the attendees left not just with brochures and pamphlets but with a sense of empowerment and readiness to implement improved electrical safety and maintenance practices. Jaturong’s parting message was clear: MEA stands ready to be a reliable partner in every step of their energy management journey.

For those wanting to delve deeper into MEA’s offerings, contacting KEN by MEA was as easy as an email to [email protected] or a quick call to their 24-hour hotline, MEA Call Center at 1130. And for the digitally inclined, MEA’s vibrant social media presence on platforms like Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and Line ensures they are just a click away. For further details, one can always explore KEN by MEA.

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