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Jaw-Dropping Food Revolution: Lab-Grown Meat and Bee-Less Honey Shock Thailand! The Future of Food is Here!

In the luxurious surroundings of the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok, the Embassy of Israel rolled out “Savour the Future of Food,” an awe-inspiring foodtech roadshow. Pulling in an audience comprising a myriad of stakeholders in the alternative food sphere, the event served as a platform for pioneers in fields such as cultivated meat, plant-based products, sugar reduction, and cutting-edge fermentation technologies to collaborate and showcase their work.

A distinguished participant gracing the occasion was ML Sirichalerm Svasti, a household name in the culinary world of Thailand, who is fondly referred to as McDang. He joined a robust line-up of innovators from 14 pioneering Israeli start-ups, solidifying the roadshow’s place as the most extensive gathering of its kind to have ever taken place outside Israel.

The crowd was captivated by riveting discussions and live demonstrations of ‘the foods of tomorrow.’ The scene-stealing innovations included lab-grown meat, dairy substitutes crafted without the need for bovine intervention, and a novel concept of honey made devoid of bees.

Israel’s Ambassador Orna Sagiv perceived the event as a crucial step forward in the Israeli-Thai alliance, specifically in sculpting the future of the food industry.

“Pairing Israel’s thriving foodtech start-up scene with Thailand’s eminent status in the food industry positions us on the forefront of instigating a revolution in the global foodtech sphere”, Sagiv asserted. She also expressed her belief that Thailand has every potential to grow into the “Kitchen of the World”.

Tomer Shpilman, the chief of Israel’s Economic and Trade Mission, praised the fervor demonstrated by the attendees as well as their readiness to challenge conventional norms.

He affirmed, “We stand at a critical crossroad in history, but we revel in the role we play in this global march to preserve our planet by reshaping the future attitudes towards food for the succeeding generations”.

CEO of Thailand’s innovative food company, Tastebud Lab, Santi Abakaz, voiced his belief that alliances with international partners could greatly benefit Thailand. By facilitating collaboration for investment and knowledge exchange, Thailand can reinforce its standing as the premier global kitchen, particularly in terms of food safety.

He urged for a greater emphasis on educating consumers regarding sustainability issues and food technology, calling for more initiatives of this kind within Thailand.

Figures from the Israeli embassy reveal that Israel is now the second-largest recipient of investment in alternative proteins. Since 2020, Israel has captured a striking 10% of global investments, amounting to an extraordinary US$1.2 billion (approximately 42.93 billion baht).

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