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Job Market Explosion: Thai Industry’s Unexpected Surge after a Year of Crisis!

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According to JobThai, one of Thailand’s premier online job recruitment platforms, there’s been a burgeoning demand for labour so far this year. The platform reported a substantial 10.8% year-over-year surge in employment demand poised within the first three-quarters of this year. The uplift is a striking testimony to the resilience of the global job market in the face of an unprecedented global health crisis.

Excitingly, the travel industry holds the baton in this leap with a giant stride. It posted a remarkable 76% growth in job openings, thereby showing robust recovery from the scourge of pandemic-induced layoffs. Equally impressive is the hotel industry, hot on the heels of travel with a 39% rise in job demand. This twin boost signals an optimistic resurgence from the pandemic’s detrimental blow that had left most of its workers jobless.

Another industry sharing the glow of recovery is the energy sector, climbing the recruitment ladder at a similar 39% growth rate. Mirroring the hotel industry, it seems on course to overcome the dire plague that the pandemic brought upon the world of work.

By sheer numbers, the food and beverage industry tops the chart in employee requisition, seeking a whopping 167,261 positions. The retail industry trails closely behind with 137,421 positions, followed by the automotive, construction and construction material industries, and the service sector—all needing a significant workforce to kickstart their rebound.

Drilling down to the specifics of job roles, sales jobs snagged the top spot on the recruiters’ wishlist at 21.4%. Technicians jobs fell next in the hierarchy at 9.37%, with production/quality control jobs, administrative/procurement jobs, and engineering jobs not too far behind. These figures were deduced from the cumulative tally of job applications for each opening.

Moving on to the JobThai survey insights, production/quality control jobs garnered the most applications at 16.0%, followed by administrative/procurement jobs at 14.1%, and engineering jobs at 11.0%. Technician jobs and sales jobs closed out the top five with 9.20% and 8.54% respectively.

The survey also throws light on job categories where the battle for employment is fiercest. Human resources topped the list with a staggering 5.8 candidates vying for every open position. The science and import/export sectors held joint second place with 5.5 applicants per job, with procurement/administration/coordination as well as environmental/safety tracking closely behind.

The survey also bared insights into the most coveted skills by employers. They seek linguistics proficiency, primarily in Mandarin, followed by English and Japanese. Furthermore, the demand for computer and programming literacy is surging, with employers demonstrating keen interest in candidates proficient with the latest programming tools and software, including enterprise resource planning, system applications and products, and even TikTok.

On examining its user demographics, JobThai found individuals aged 25 to 34 constituted the largest user base at 30%, followed by those aged 45 and over at 25%. The users aged 35 to 44 and 18 to 24 comprised 23% and 21% respectively, showing diversity in age groups seeking employment. Education-wise, roughly 70% of the platform’s users hold a bachelor’s degree, with vocational training and master’s degrees trailing at 14% and 4% respectively.

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