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Korean Vloggers Go Viral: Transforming Thai National Park Passports into a Must-Have Adventure Accessory

Imagine a surge of excitement rippling across the internet, with millions of eyes glued to screens, all thanks to two charismatic South Korean YouTubers, Cullen and Jung. The DNP’s director-general, Atthaphon Charoenchansa, credits these digital dynamos with sparking a frenzy around the national park passports—a sensation that erupted into the virtual stratosphere last Wednesday.

Streaming under the moniker "@cullen_hateberry", this dynamic duo, with a formidable following of over 1.51 million subscribers, has transformed their love of travel into an adventure spree across the beautiful landscapes of Thailand. Their channel has quickly become a hotspot for those thirsty for the thrill of exploration, and especially for Thai netizens craving for a taste of adventure.

A riveting report by Wisesight, spanning a whole year from January 1st to December 31st, unveiled a staggering 143,548 messages pulsating through the channel. This digital whisper turned into a roaring wave of over 20 million engagements, proving that these influencers have the magic touch to turn the serene beauty of the great outdoors into a buzzing topic of discussion.

Through their captivating video diaries, Cullen and Jung didn’t just showcase stunning scenery—they gave a masterclass on the power of the national park passport, a guide to Thailand’s wilderness treasures. The impact? A mass mobilization of viewers, clamoring to grab their own copies to plan their escapades into nature’s embrace.

Earlier this month, the DNP’s website was ablaze with the announcement: passports sold out! But fret not, intrepid travelers, for the printing presses are whirring, and soon, a fresh batch of 90,000 copies will be ready. Each of these coveted booklets will be yours for a mere 100 baht at one of 155 lush national parks across the country—a small price for the promise of endless adventure.

The DNP’s shrewd strategy of enlisting Cullen and Jung in their promotion crusade is a tale of creative collaboration at its best. While future projects with the popular YouTubers are yet to be pinned on the calendar, owing to their jam-packed schedules, Atthaphon assures that their organic creativity will be nurtured and never stifled.

Let’s dive into the backstory of these viral voyagers. Enter Cullen, 33; more formally known as Park Kideuk, a maestro of electronic dance music beats and a former model, who once set the rhythm as a DJ at a Korean eatery in the Land of Smiles. The other half of the duo, Jung, 34, carries the moniker "Brother Jung"—a businessman whose quest for knowledge brought him to Thailand to master the Thai language, and perhaps, to leave his mark on the wilderness.

Together, they have turned the national park passport into a golden ticket for digital nomads and nature enthusiasts alike. Their journey, much like the paths within these national parks, is woven into the social media fabric, leading countless followers to discover the splendors of Thailand’s natural wonders.

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