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Krabi Rehab Escape: Abuse Allegations Emerge from Pondok Koh Siboya Facility

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Authorities held intense discussions with escapees from a privately run drug rehabilitation center on Koh Siboya in Krabi, who claimed they endured severe physical abuse at the facility.

Local residents of Koh Siboya were shaken on Friday when 100 individuals receiving treatment at a rehab center fled the facility, alleging abuse. Yongyuth Fangkwa, the headman of Moo 7 village, reported that these patients orchestrated their daring escape at around 4 PM.

In response, about 30 police officers and administrative officials were swiftly deployed to the island to allay the fears of concerned residents. Surprisingly, instead of chaos, the authorities found the escapees gathered calmly near the island’s pier.

As the officials tried to persuade the escapees to return, the group revealed their reasons for fleeing—they had endured physical abuse and harsh conditions at the rehab center. The facility in question, Pondok Koh Siboya Rehabilitation Centre, is reportedly operated by the Foundation of the Central Islamic Council of Thailand for Education and Orphans.

After two hours of intense negotiations, 82 of the escapees were permitted to return to their homes. They were transported to the mainland and taken to Khlong Khanan police station to be picked up by their relatives.

The escapees shared harrowing tales of severe physical abuse at the center, with some claiming that individuals had tragically lost their lives. Some even stated that, despite overcoming their addictions, they were not allowed to leave and were forced to work there.


  1. Sara Kim June 8, 2024

    This is horrifying! How can a rehabilitation center operate like a torture chamber?

    • John D. June 8, 2024

      It’s appalling! These places are supposed to help vulnerable people rebuild their lives. Where’s the oversight?

      • Eve_89 June 8, 2024

        Exactly, John! The authorities need to shut this place down and prosecute those responsible.

      • Sara Kim June 8, 2024

        Absolutely, Eve. I can’t believe they allowed this to go on for so long. Immediate action is necessary!

    • Mikey23 June 8, 2024

      I don’t trust these rehab centers. There are too many horror stories. Better to stay away from drugs altogether.

      • Emily R. June 8, 2024

        Mikey, that’s easier said than done. People often don’t have a choice and end up needing help.

      • John D. June 8, 2024

        Emily is right. These centers should be safe havens to assist recovery, not places of horror.

  2. Alex P. June 8, 2024

    Maybe it’s just a few bad apples in the staff? Not every rehab center can be like this.

    • Bella K. June 8, 2024

      Alex, downplaying serious abuse isn’t the answer. Even one case is too many.

      • Nick June 8, 2024

        Exactly. This isn’t just ‘bad apples’. It’s systemic abuse.

    • Dr. Hamid June 8, 2024

      Alex, while your point about generalization is valid, we cannot ignore such severe allegations. These must be investigated thoroughly.

      • Samantha L. June 8, 2024

        Dr. Hamid is right. This specific case needs attention and reform.

  3. Li Wei June 8, 2024

    This is why I have trust issues with any institutionalized care. The abuse of power is rampant.

    • George R. June 8, 2024

      You have a point, Li. These institutions do need better oversight.

      • Jasmine June 8, 2024

        It’s not just about better oversight; it’s about a complete overhaul of how we approach rehabilitation.

    • Li Wei June 8, 2024

      True, Jasmine. We need holistic reform, not just band-aid solutions.

  4. PTSD_survivor June 8, 2024

    As someone who has been through similar experiences, I can attest to how real this abuse can be. It’s a nightmare.

    • Henry T. June 8, 2024

      I am so sorry you had to go through that. No one should have to endure such conditions.

    • Dr. Hamid June 8, 2024

      Your courage to speak out is commendable. Bringing attention to these issues can lead to change.

  5. Max_305 June 8, 2024

    I think the government should take over all rehab centers to ensure quality care and accountability.

  6. Lila Martinez June 8, 2024

    But then, won’t that just lead to other forms of corruption and bureaucracy?

    • Max_305 June 8, 2024

      Possibly, but there must be stringent checks and balances. The current system isn’t working.

    • Tom Smith June 8, 2024

      Lila, good point! But with proper safeguards, government oversight might be better than rogue private operators.

  7. Joaquin June 8, 2024

    Some people deserve tough love to get them out of addiction. Maybe this center’s methods were extreme, but they might work for some.

    • Nina Y. June 8, 2024

      That’s a slippery slope, Joaquin. Abuse is never justified, no matter the end goal.

    • Henry T. June 8, 2024

      Nina’s right. Ethical treatment and compassion are key. Abuse isn’t an effective method.

  8. SocialJustice_Warrior June 8, 2024

    This is an example of the systemic oppression marginalized groups face. We need broader social changes.

    • Jake June 8, 2024

      Not everything is about systemic oppression. This is about a specific institution failing its patients.

    • Karan Malhotra June 8, 2024

      Jake, while it’s an institutional failure, many times marginalized communities suffer the most in these situations.

  9. Tracy L. June 8, 2024

    The Foundation of the Central Islamic Council should be held accountable if they’re involved in this!

    • Sam Dunn June 8, 2024

      I agree, Tracy. Accountability is crucial. No organization should be above scrutiny.

    • Tracy L. June 8, 2024

      Thanks, Sam. It’s essential to ensure justice for the victims.

  10. Ali June 8, 2024

    I can’t believe people were forced to work there after overcoming their addiction. That’s modern-day slavery!

    • Oliver G. June 8, 2024

      That’s so sick. Forced labor for recovering addicts? Beyond cruel!

    • Max_305 June 8, 2024

      It’s shocking, but they’ve got to support the facility somehow, right? Still, this isn’t the right way.

    • Ali June 8, 2024

      No way, Max. Nobody should be forced to work. This facility needs to be shut down and investigated.

  11. Jade Harper June 8, 2024

    If rehab centers are abusive, where are people supposed to go? It’s so disheartening.

    • Dr. Hamid June 8, 2024

      That’s a critical point, Jade. We need safe, supportive environments for recovery, not places of trauma.

  12. RehabAdvocate June 8, 2024

    We must focus on reforming these institutions rather than demonizing them all. Proper training and regulations can prevent such horrors.

    • Eve_89 June 8, 2024

      You’re right, but without accountability, reform is just talk.

  13. Leonard Y. June 8, 2024

    How many other centers are like this but haven’t been exposed yet? It’s terrifying to think about.

  14. Benny June 8, 2024

    This sounds like something out of a horror movie. Real life shouldn’t be this way.

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