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Late Winter Warrior: Thailand’s Frosted Surprise Arrives with a Warm Twist! Will this Unconventional Clime Change Our Lives?

As the sun rises, a quiet sense of calm envelopes the district of Nakhon Thai in Phitsanulok; a soft veil of morning fog shrouding the town in a soothing pallor (Photo Credit: Chinawat Singha). A delightful scene that marks the official commencement of wintertime; announced fittingly so by the Meteorological Department.

This year, however, the season’s advent has deviated notably from the standard frosty norm. As if the winter is embracing change, it started off relatively milder compared to the previous year. As per the meteorological indications, it’s official – winter has made its timely arrival. This is determined by the plummeting temperatures in the upper regions, dipping below the 23°C mark, alongside the dominance of northeasterly or easterly winds stretching from an altitude of a hundred up to a towering 3,500 metres.

Clocks and thermometers bore witness to this gentle onset of winter as the lowest temperatures were captured hovering between 21-22°C. A mild, though noticeably warmer, start as compared to last year’s climatic welcome where the temperature average in upper regions drifted around 20.8°C.

Another intriguing twist in the seasonal tale comes with the timing of winter’s arrival this year. Out of the norm by a significant margin, this winter season has decided to make its grand entry a month later than what is usually observed. And it’s estimated to continue its reign till the latter days of February, as outlined by the local weather bureau.

As the chill settles in the northern territory, the forecast down south seems to be plotting a different climate graph. As the upper regions succumb to the winter’s biting frost, the southern region stands at the threshold of experiencing substantial rainfall in the current and following month. The contrast between the two separate worlds within the same country, is truly what makes this winter season a unique one.

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