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Leaked Secrets: Upcoming Visit to China Reveals Thai PM’s Strategic Move to Combat Global Cybercrimes!

Puangpet recently confirmed her intentions of accompanying Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin on his officially scheduled visit to China at the invitation of the Chinese authorities. This visit spans from Wednesday to Friday.

Symbolically marking her journey, Puangpet plans to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that will enhance the cooperation between her department and China Media Group (CMG). This itinerant agreement will boldly enrich the dialogue between Thailand’s government and China’s state-owned media outlets, specifically focusing on news and information-sharing aspects. The impact of the collaboration promises to not only strengthen the governmental relations but to skyrocket the communication realm.

Paving the way for this MoU, Puangpet held discussions with China’s ambassador to Thailand, Han Zhiqiang, on October 11th. During this collaborative dialogue, the duo immersed themselves in the sphere of cybercrime. Puangpet said that both parties share common perspectives on the importance of information sharing to come victorious against the internet evils like cybercrime and call-centre scams.

Puangpet mentioned the ambassador’s echo of her sentiments, expressing an agreement in principle that Thai and Chinese media networks should join forces to ward off the detrimental effects of cybercrimes and call-centre scams. Such cooperation is not only potentially beneficial to these two nations but may also prove a significant deterrent to the ever-evolving world of cybercrime.

Moreover, Puangpet has outlined her intentions to meet and converse with the director of CMG during her visit to China. The primary focus of this meeting will be to establish the groundwork of collaboration between these two stalwarts. The CMG, being one of the worlds’ largest and most influential, media conglomerates with impressive reach spanning over 100 subsidiaries and branches in hundreds of nations, this alliance is sure to make a significant mark.

Among a plethora of renowned subsidiaries belonging to the CMG empire is ‘China Daily’. A well known member of the Asia News Network, China Daily shares its membership with ‘The Nation’. This shared kinship promises to facilitate better understanding and fodder for future information-sharing initiatives.

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