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Monstrous Monsoon Terrorizes Thailand! 80% of Bangkok in Grave Peril as Meteorologists Sound the Alarm!

Weather experts at the Thailand Meteorological Department (TMD) have issued a stern weather warning for large parts of the country, due to persistent heavy rains. A total of 44 provinces, covering a sizeable 80% of Bangkok, have been put on high alert for potential sudden flash floods and forest runoff. This warning is particularly significant for those located in mountainous and low-lying areas along waterways, as these terrains are susceptible to the adverse weather effects.

The cause of this severe weather warning is the current Monsoon trough. The trough is making its way across central, lower northeastern, and eastern Thailand, gradually moving towards a low-pressure area along the central Vietnamese coast. The combination of these two weather factors with the prevailing southwestern monsoon over the Andaman Sea has led to the current undesirable weather conditions over Thailand and the Gulf of Thailand.

Residents living within the highlighted areas are advised to stay cautious due to the risk of flash floods and forest runoff. Areas with heavy rain accumulation pose the highest risk, and this is especially relevant for regions located adjacent to waterways, hillside locales, and low-lying areas. It’s recommended that everyone stay vigilant and take additional care while traveling under such conditions. Open spaces, areas underneath large trees, and the vicinity of weak advertising boards must be avoided to ensure safety.

Moreover, the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand are currently experiencing rough seas. Waves are predicted to reach up to 2 meters in height, with some areas facing thunderstorms predicted to have waves exceeding 2 meters. Mariners should exercise extreme caution and preferably avoid areas anticipated to be hit by the thunderstorms.

From North to East, to the Southern coasts and central Bangkok, various degrees of thunderstorms, heavy rains, and high wave conditions are prevalent, each coupled with specific temperature ranges. Each location has its unique weather features, and the inhabitants are advised to stay informed and plan their activities accordingly. The advice is particularly crucial for maritime activities where high waves have been predicted due to the thunderstorms.

The TMD urges everyone to follow the safety guidelines and stay regularly updated through its top-end weather forecasting systems to ward off potential dangers. With rain-soaked landscapes, fluctuating temperatures, and high-seas, the current conditions underscore the importance of being aware of the weather to maximize personal safety. For additional updates and stories, follow The Thaiger’s Facebook page HERE.

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