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New initiatives to increase nighttime tourism in Bangkok

Bangkok’s governor, Chadchar Sittipunt, said the city is contacting experts about turning some areas into tourist hotspots. The strategy aims for water management collaboration and knowledge sharing between the two cities. BMA provides short courses and connects graduates with employers at Bangkok Vocational School. The virus was removed from a list of prohibited conditions among foreign tourists, and the Cabinet decided to allow them into Thailand. Chadchart wants Bangkok to become Venice’s sister city.

Bangkok’s nighttime tourism is being boosted.
Most are in downtown and riverfront areas, he said. Chadchart and his colleagues will patrol Bangkok at night for the BMA’s “Midnight Bangkok Governor” campaign. This year is the start of a “huge bounce” in Thailand’s tourist business, says Marisa Nunbhakdi, head of the Thai Hotels Association. The policy follows the Tourism Ministry’s recommendation to open nightclubs till 4am. Chadchart says Bangkok lacks hospitality workers. The plan’s ideas would be implemented in 2019, he said.
Chadchart helps business owners and hoteliers acquire permits and pay taxes. According to the BMA governor, the tourism and hospitality sector, which supplies much of Bangkok’s jobs, is a priority. A new law allows Covid-19-carrying tourists into Thailand. With Bangkok’s other major improvements, this may help Thailand’s tourism sector.

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