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New Zealand Brothers Oscar and Hamish Day Face Lifetime Ban from Thailand After Phuket High-Speed Chase Drama

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In the sun-drenched paradisiacal isle of Phuket, famous for its turquoise waters and vibrant nightlife, a tale unfolded that seemed more akin to a dramatic movie script than the serene holiday escapades one usually associates with the region. At the heart of this high-octane drama were two New Zealanders, Oscar Day, 38, and Hamish Day, 36, whose holiday antics have led to them being at odds with the law, and ultimately, facing a lifetime ban from the Land of Smiles, Thailand.

On an otherwise tranquil Saturday in Phuket’s bustling Maung district, chaos erupted when the Day brothers, who had been enjoying the sights and sounds of Thailand since their arrival on March 11, decided to turn a routine traffic stop into an adrenaline-fueled escape attempt. The brothers, granted a visa-free stay until April 9 thanks to the friendly bilateral relations between Thailand and New Zealand, transformed from run-of-the-mill tourists into protagonists of their outlaw adventure.

What was supposed to be a simple directive to pull their motorcycles over for speeding in a community zone and not adhering to traffic lane rules, escalated dramatically. Instead of complying, the Days revved their engines, their hearts racing with the thrill of the getaway. However, the saga took a darker turn when Pol Sen Sgt Maj Somsak Noo-iad of Chalong Police Station caught up with them. A scuffle ensued, leaving the officer down and the brothers with a slew of serious charges trailing their names like unwanted shadow. Charges including robbery, obstruction of police duties, physical assault against an officer, driving without licenses, and an audacious attempt at bribery.

As the Phuket sun rose on Monday, these actions had set into motion a sequence of events that would see the Phuket Provincial Court being petitioned to extend the brothers’ stay behind bars, albeit not in the conditions they had hoped for when planning their tropical holiday. With a firm stance from the police to counter any bail appeals on the grounds of the duo’s flight risk, due to their lack of permanent residence in Thailand, the Days found themselves in a precarious situation.

Back in New Zealand, the revelation of these events sent shockwaves through the high echelons of society, reaching the parents of the wayward brothers, Laurence and Katrina Day – millionaires known for their extensive business and property portfolios. As quoted by the New Zealand Herald, the despair and disbelief were palpable in Laurence Day’s voice. “It’s very, very concerning,” he shared, the concern for his sons’ well-being and the future echoing in his words, a stark contrast to the serene and jubilant aspirations with which the Days had initially embarked on their Thai adventure.

Deputy Police Chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn’s decree, voiced through the modern-day herald of Facebook, signaled the end of this chapter for the Day brothers in Thailand. A land famed for its hospitality and grace had found its generosity spurned, laying down a marker that respect and decorum are treasures as prized as any in the kingdom.

This episode, perhaps, serves as a stark reminder that the vibrant tapestry of experiences that Thailand offers comes with a simple, yet profound expectation – to tread lightly and respectfully on its shores. For now, the Day brothers’ tale serves as a cautionary one, etched against the backdrop of Phuket’s idyllic shores and whispered amidst the rustling palms – a story of paradise briefly gained, then lost.


  1. KiwiExplorer March 18, 2024

    Honestly, this is just embarrassing. As a Kiwi, I can’t help but feel these guys have let us all down. Not the sort of representation we want abroad.

    • ThaiHeart March 18, 2024

      It’s refreshing to see someone take responsibility. Not all tourists are bad, but these actions really tarnish a country’s image.

      • KiwiExplorer March 18, 2024

        Exactly my point. We’re known for our nature-loving, respectful culture. Incidents like this just overshadow the good.

    • LegalEagle123 March 18, 2024

      From a legal standpoint, fleeing and resisting arrest are grave mistakes anywhere. This will be tough to navigate for them.

  2. traveljunkie March 18, 2024

    I get it was a wrong move, but lifetime ban seems harsh. People make mistakes, especially younger ones.

    • LawAbider March 18, 2024

      A mistake is one thing; assaulting an officer is another. Actions have consequences.

    • Sz March 18, 2024

      Younger? They’re almost 40 year old fathers, not teenagers.

    • JD March 18, 2024

      they are 36 & 38

    • John March 18, 2024

      Given their actions and what they have done here it’s hardly harsh by any means

    • RobertoZ March 18, 2024

      The policeman should file a civil case against the duo for emotional trauma, lost work and wages, etc.
      That will surely extend their “stay”.

    • JoePublic March 19, 2024

      They are 38 and 36 why do you expect them to become adults? Younger ones!! This is the problem with the world right now, no one is expected to be accountable for their own actions. Its disgusting.

  3. Sarah March 18, 2024

    Does anyone think about the officer? His experience? Quick to talk about travellers’ freedom but not about the risks and harm they caused.

    • Empathy101 March 18, 2024

      So true. Often, the local lives affected by tourists’ reckless behavior are overlooked. It’s not just about the privilege to travel.

  4. EconomicInsight March 18, 2024

    While this is terrible, let’s not ignore the potential impact on Thailand’s tourism. Incidents like these can deter tourists, affecting many locals’ livelihoods.

    • Realist March 18, 2024

      Perhaps, but it also sends a message about maintaining law and order, which could reassure other tourists about safety measures in place.

    • Cathrine March 19, 2024

      Let’s hope it reminds tourists that they should behave properly. It’s a privilege to be a tourist in any country..

  5. DisappointedKiwi March 18, 2024

    As New Zealanders, we need to do better when abroad. Our actions reflect on our entire country.

    • WorldTraveler March 18, 2024

      Totally agree. It’s about respect. When you’re in another country, you abide by their laws and respect their culture. Plain and simple.

  6. Skeptical March 18, 2024

    Everyone’s quick to judge based on a single story. Wonder if there’s more to it than what’s reported.

    • OpenMinded March 18, 2024

      Valid point. Media often only shows one side. But fleeing from cops? Hard to see a justifiable reason for that.

      • CriticalThinker March 18, 2024

        True, context matters, but actions speak loudly. In this case, they seem pretty clear.

    • Kiwi Paul March 20, 2024

      Very true ? ive witnessed all sorts over the last 30yrs here , (if they caused it all , ). No sympathy at all but did they ?

  7. John March 18, 2024

    As a Kiwi, this is totally shameful. It brings disrespect on us all. Maybe time to get my Aussie passport back for when in Thailand ! You do have to feel sorry for his parents and family. But there is absolutely no justification for their actions. They are going to find out the consequences of these actions the hard way. In fact they are lucky to be alive – in most places if you attempt to take a cop’s gun, you have a high chance of being shot dead on the spot. Also only a week earlier a Singaporean hit a Thai policeman on the head after being stopped for not wearing a helmet. He is now in jail awaiting his court case. A long jail term for the NZers is a certainty.

  8. CultureVulture March 18, 2024

    It’s all about cultural sensitivity. When you travel, you’re a guest. Act like one.

  9. AdventureSeeker March 18, 2024

    Everyone loves a good adventure, but there’s a fine line between adventure and disrespect. These guys crossed it.

  10. JaneDoe March 18, 2024

    Wonder how their family feels. Must be tough seeing loved ones in such trouble, especially so far from home.

    • EmpathicSoul March 18, 2024

      Can’t even imagine. No parent wants to see their child in legal trouble, especially in a foreign country.

  11. PolicyPundit March 18, 2024

    This incident might push for stricter rules for tourists. Could be a needed change.

  12. KiwiExpat March 19, 2024

    Please, Thailand, don’t allow them to utilise their parents extreme wealth to free these men. They have avoided facing actions due to stupidity in the past because gratuities have been paid. Insist on them spending time in jail, make them learn from this lesson. Banning them achieves nothing.

  13. GrahamH March 21, 2024

    I feel sorry for the extended family such as their kids at school and the torment they will have to put up with
    What sort of father would show their kids to act this way and think they can get away with it with money.
    Google Thailand jails, These men will learn real fast respect for the law.
    And their days of international travel has finished.

  14. GrahamH March 22, 2024

    It does not matter the other side of the story, They shouldnt have hired the motorcycles without a licence

    These two are not role models for their kids. I feel sorry for their kids at school
    The M Corby case in Australia caused marriage breakups and serious disharmony in the family, but these two adults purposely chose to do these crimes and now the families have to pay.
    If here in New Zealand we are stopped by the police for minor traffic offence, would any of us speed off and make a run for it?

    Thailand Police . Please give them jail time and bring them down from their high and mighty employment of power and influence.
    Live like beggars live. No sympathy for these two idiots

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